Search and find railway stations and railway station codes in Rajasthan. A complete list of Rajasthan Train Stations. There are 147 Railway stations in the state of Rajasthan. Also get information about trains passing through any station in Rajasthan.

Train Stations and Station Code of Rajasthan State

Out of all the Rajasthan railway stations listed here, the major railway station names are in blue color and are clickable links. Click on the names of all important and main railway stations in Rajasthan to get more information. To find more information about any other Train stations in Rajasthan, search using the search box given above.

#CodeStation NameStatePlace
1 JOB Asalpur Jobner Rajasthan Asalpur Jobner
2 BNLW Banasthali Niwai Rajasthan Banasthali Niwai
3 BAZ Baran Rajasthan Baran
4 BME Barmer Rajasthan Barmer
5 BUT Baytu Rajasthan Baytu
6 BDWL Biradhwal Rajasthan Biradhwal
7 BUDI Bundi Rajasthan Bundi
8 CNA Chanderiya Rajasthan Chanderiya
9 CKB Chauth Ka Brwra Rajasthan Chauth Ka Brwra
10 CAG Chhabra Gugor Rajasthan Chhabra Gugor
11 CUR Churu Rajasthan Churu
12 DKNT Dakaniya Talav Rajasthan Dakaniya Talav
13 DARA Dara Rajasthan Dara
14 DABN Dhaban Rajasthan Dhaban
15 DHRR Dhirera Rajasthan Dhirera
16 FSP Fateh Singhpura Rajasthan Fateh Singhpura
17 GGR Gangrar Rajasthan Gangrar
18 GBP Gulabpura Rajasthan Gulabpura
19 GQL Gurla Rajasthan Gurla
20 GCH Gachhipura Rajasthan Gachhipura
21 HMG Hamirgarh Rajasthan Hamirgarh
22 HMH Hanumangarh Junction Rajasthan Hanumangarh
23 HP Haripur Rajasthan Haripur
24 HSI Harsauli Rajasthan Harsauli
25 HDA Hirnoda Rajasthan Hirnoda
26 ISA Isarda Rajasthan Isarda
27 JSM Jaisalmer Rajasthan Jaisalmer
28 JOR Jalor Rajasthan Jalor
29 JWO Jawad Road Rajasthan Jawad Road
30 JAL Jawali Rajasthan Jawali
31 JHW Jhalawar Road Rajasthan Jhalawar Road
32 LKE Lakheri Rajasthan Lakheri
33 LGH Lalgarh Junction Rajasthan Lalgarh
34 LKS Lunkaransar Rajasthan Lunkaransar
35 MDW Mundwa Rajasthan Mundwa
36 MHJ Mahajan Rajasthan Mahajan
37 MLZ Malarna Rajasthan Malarna
38 MNSR Manaksar Rajasthan Manaksar
39 MDL Mandal Rajasthan Mandal
40 MLGH Mandalgarh Rajasthan Mandalgarh
41 MBNL Marwar Bhinmal Rajasthan Marwar Bhinmal
42 MKX Morak Rajasthan Morak
43 MOI Mori Bera Rajasthan Mori Bera
44 MBF Munabao Rajasthan Munabao
45 NANA Nana Rajasthan Nana
46 NPS Napasar Rajasthan Napasar
47 NRI Naraina Rajasthan Naraina
48 NSD Nasirabad Rajasthan Nasirabad
49 NMK Nim Ka Thana Rajasthan Nim Ka Thana
50 NBH Nimbahera Rajasthan Nimbahera
51 NNW Narayanpur Tatwar Rajasthan Narayanpur Tatwar
52 PGK Pili Bangan Rajasthan Pili Bangan
53 PPR Pipar Road Junction Rajasthan Pipar Road
54 POK Pokran Rajasthan Pokran
55 RKB Raika Bagh Rajasthan Raika Bagh
56 RJR Rajaldesar Rajasthan Rajaldesar
57 RDRA Ramdevra Rajasthan Ramdevra
58 RPZ Ranapratapnagar Rajasthan Ranapratapnagar
59 RANI Rani Rajasthan Rani
60 RNV Raniwara Rajasthan Raniwara
61 RTGH Ratangarh Junction Rajasthan Ratangarh
62 RGS Ringas Junction Rajasthan Ringas
63 RBS Rupbas Rajasthan Rupbas
64 SDLP Sadulpur Junction Rajasthan Sadulpur
65 SBR Sambhar Lake Rajasthan Sambhar Lake
66 SGRA Sangaria Rajasthan Sangaria
67 SSR Sareri Rajasthan Sareri
68 SEU Sendra Rajasthan Sendra
69 SGNR Shri Ganganagar Rajasthan Shri Ganganagar
70 SMPR Shri Madhopur Rajasthan Shri Madhopur
71 SOD Sojat Road Rajasthan Sojat Road
72 SOS Somesar Rajasthan Somesar
73 SDGH Sri Dungargarh Rajasthan Sri Dungargarh
74 SOG Suratgarh Junction Rajasthan Suratgarh
75 SRPJ Swarupganj Rajasthan Swarupganj
76 UDZ Udaipur City Rajasthan Udaipur
77 UTL Utarlai Rajasthan Utarlai
78 BLT Balotra Junction Rajasthan Balotra
79 DNRP Dungarpur Rajasthan Dungarpur
80 JYM Jaisamand Road Rajasthan Jaisamand Road
81 KL Kheril Rajasthan Kheril
82 MWT Marwarlohwat Rajasthan Marwarlohwat
83 OSN Osiyan Rajasthan Osiyan
84 ZW Zawar Rajasthan Zawar
85 KIN Kapasan Rajasthan Kapasan
86 MMY Marwar Mathanya Rajasthan Mathania
87 KKU Kanakpura Rajasthan Jaipur
88 AQG Ashapura Gomat Rajasthan Ashapura Gomat
89 MD Madar Rajasthan Ajmer
90 MKH Malakhera Rajasthan Mala Khera
91 BANE Basni Rajasthan Jodhpur
92 SBLT Shribdrya Lathi Rajasthan Lathi
93 GTJT Getor Jagatpura Rajasthan Jaipur
94 KPTN Keshorai Patan Rajasthan Keshorai Patan
95 MURD Mandawar Rajasthan Mandawar
96 TL Tiloniya Rajasthan Tiloniya
97 NBI Nadbai Rajasthan Nadbai
98 FAN Fatehnagar Rajasthan Fatehnagar
99 PLCJ Phalodi Junction Rajasthan Phalodi
100 SMPA Shampura Rajasthan Shampura
101 BXN Bayana Junction Rajasthan Bayana
102 BER Beawar Rajasthan Beawar
103 BHL Bhilwara Rajasthan Bhilwara
104 BJNR Bijainagar Rajasthan Bijainagar
105 BKN Bikaner Junction Rajasthan Bikaner
106 CMU Chau Mahla Rajasthan Chau Mahla
107 COR Chittaurgarh Rajasthan Chittaurgarh
108 DO Dausa Rajasthan Dausa
109 DNA Degana Junction Rajasthan Degana
110 DSO Deshnok Rajasthan Deshnok
111 GADJ Gandhinagar JPR Rajasthan Gandhinagar JPR
112 GOTN Gotan Rajasthan Gotan
113 HAN Hindaun City Rajasthan Hindaun
114 IDG Indargarh Rajasthan Indargarh
115 JWB Jawai Bandh Rajasthan Jawai Bandh
116 KRH Khairthal Rajasthan Khairthal
117 KMNC Kuchaman City Rajasthan Kuchaman
118 LUNI Luni Junction Rajasthan Luni
119 MKN Makrana Junction Rajasthan Makrana
120 MVJ Mavli Junction Rajasthan Mavli
121 NGO Nagaur Rajasthan Nagaur
122 NAC Nawa City Rajasthan Nawa
123 NOK Nokha Rajasthan Nokha
124 PMY Pali Marwar Rajasthan Pali Marwar
125 RHG Rajgarh Rajasthan Rajgarh
126 RMA Ramganj Mandi Rajasthan Ramganj Mandi
127 SMR Samdhari Junction Rajasthan Samdhari
128 SMBJ Shri Mahabirji Rajasthan Shri Mahabirji
129 SOH Sirohi Road Rajasthan Sirohi Road
130 DPA Durgapura Rajasthan Jaipur
131 KSG Kishangarh Rajasthan Kishangarh
132 ABR Abu Road Rajasthan Abu Road
133 AII Ajmer Junction Rajasthan Ajmer
134 AWR Alwar Rajasthan Alwar
135 BKI Bandikui Junction Rajasthan Bandikui
136 BTE Bharatpur Junction Rajasthan Bharatpur
137 DHO Dhaulpur Rajasthan Dhaulpur
138 FA Falna Rajasthan Falna
139 GGC Gangapur City Rajasthan Gangapur
140 JP Jaipur Rajasthan Jaipur
141 JU Jodhpur Junction Rajasthan Jodhpur
142 MJ Marwar Junction Rajasthan Marwar
143 MTD Merta Road Junction Rajasthan Merta Road
144 FL Phulera Junction Rajasthan Phulera
145 SWM Sawai Madhopur Rajasthan Sawai Madhopur
146 JPF Jaipur Junction (MG) Rajasthan Jaipur
147 KOTA Kota Junction Rajasthan Kota

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