Search and find railway stations and railway station codes in Telangana. A complete list of Telangana Train Stations. There are 86 Railway stations in the state of Telangana. Also get information about trains passing through any station in Telangana.

Train Stations and Station Code of Telangana State

Out of all the Telangana railway stations listed here, the major railway station names are in blue color and are clickable links. Click on the names of all important and main railway stations in Telangana to get more information. To find more information about any other Train stations in Telangana, search using the search box given above.

#CodeStation NameStatePlace
1 ADB Adilabad Telangana Adilabad
2 AKE Akanapet Telangana Akanapet
3 ALER Aler Telangana Aler
4 ASAF Asifabad Telangana Rebbena
5 BSX Basar Telangana Basar
6 BMT Begampet Telangana Begampet
7 BPA Belampalli Telangana Belampalli
8 BTPD Bethampurdi Telangana Bethampurdi
9 BDCR Bhadrachalam Road Telangana Bhadrachalam Road
10 BG Bhongir Telangana Bhongir
11 BN Bibinagar Telangana Bibinagar
12 BGSF Bisugirsharif Telangana Bisugirsharif
13 BMO Bolarum Telangana Bolarum
14 BKL Bona Kalu Telangana Bona Kalu
15 CHZ Charlapalli Telangana Secunderabad
16 CTYL Chityala Telangana Chityala
17 DKJ Dornakal Junction Telangana Dornakal
18 YP Errupalem Telangana Errupalem
19 GWD Gadwal Telangana Gadwal
20 GLA Garla Telangana Garla
21 GNP Ghanpur Telangana Ghanpur
22 GWV Gowdavalli Telangana Gowdavalli
23 HSP Hasanparthi Road Telangana Hasanparthi Road
24 HYB Hyderabad Deccan Telangana Hyderabad Deccan
25 JCL Jadcherla Telangana Jadcherla
26 JMKT Jammikunta Telangana Jammikunta
27 ZN Jangaon Telangana Jangaon
28 KCG Kacheguda Telangana Kacheguda
29 KMC Kamareddi Telangana Kamareddi
30 KRA Karepalli Telangana Karepalli
31 KZJ Kazipet Junction Telangana Kazipet
32 FM Kcg Falaknuma Telangana Hyderabad
33 KDM Kesamudram Telangana Kesamudram
34 KMT Khammam Telangana Khammam
35 KOLR Kolanoor Telangana Kolnur
36 KYOP Kottapalli Telangana Kottapalli
37 LPI Lingampalli Telangana Lingampalli
38 MDR Madhira Telangana Madhira
39 MABD Mahbubabad Telangana Mahbubabad
40 MBNR Mahbubnagar Telangana Mahbubnagar
41 MXT Malakpetkcg Telangana Hyderabad
42 MJF Malkajgiri Telangana Secunderabad
43 MCI Mancheral Telangana Mancheral
44 MMZ Mandamari Telangana Mandamari
45 MUGR Manuguru Telangana Manuguru
46 MED Medchal Telangana Medchal
47 MRGA Miryalaguda Telangana Miryalaguda
48 MZL Mirzapali Telangana Mirzapali
49 MLY Moula Ali Telangana Moula Ali
50 NRDP Nagireddipalli Telangana Nagireddipalli
51 NLDA Nalgonda Telangana Nalgonda
52 NAW Nawandgi Telangana Nawandgi
53 NKD Nekonda Telangana Nekonda
54 NZB Nizamabad Telangana Nizamabad
55 OEA Odela Telangana Odela
56 PDPL Peddapalli Telangana Peddapalli
57 PPZ Peddempet Telangana Peddempet
58 PBP Pembarti Telangana Pembarti
59 PQL Pindial Telangana Pindlai
60 PTKP Potkapalli Telangana Potkapalli
61 RGPM Raghavapuram Telangana Raghavapuram
62 RGP Raghunathpalli Telangana Raghunathpalli
63 RAG Raigir Telangana Raigir
64 RDM Ramagundam Telangana Ramagundam
65 RMNP Ramannapet Telangana Ramannapet
66 RVKH Ravindrakhani Telangana Ramakrishnapur
67 RECH Rechni Road Telangana Rechni Road
68 SNF Sanathnagar Telangana Sanathnagar
69 SC Secunderabad Junction Telangana Secunderabad
70 SHNR Shadnagar Telangana Shadnagar
71 SKP Shankarpalli Telangana Shankarpalli
72 SKZR Sirpur Kagaznagar Telangana Sirpur Kagaznagar
73 SRUR Sirpur Town Telangana Sirpur
74 STPD Sitafal Mandi Telangana Sitafal Mandi
75 SRNR Sriramnagar Telangana Sriramnagar
76 TPY Tadakalpudi Telangana Tadakalpudi
77 TDU Tandur Telangana Tandur
78 TMX Timmapur Telangana Timmapur
79 UR Umdanagar Telangana Hyderabad
80 OPL Uppal Telangana Uppal
81 VKB Vikarabad Junction Telangana Vikarabad
82 VNUP Vishnupuram Telangana Vishnupuram
83 WDR Wadiaram Telangana Wadiaram
84 WPR Wanparti Road Telangana Wanparti Road
85 WL Warangal Telangana Warangal
86 ZB Zahirabad Telangana Zahirabad

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