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Bilaspur Rajdhani, 12442 - New Delhi To Bilaspur

Given below is the details about Train Number 12442, BILASPUR RAJDHANI operating service between New Delhi and Bilaspur stations. Get the complete route map of the train along with the list of stations where it halts and days of arrival etc...

Train Basic Info
NameBilaspur Rajdhani
ScheduleTuesday & Saturday
Distance938 miles / 1501 km
Running Time 20 Hour(s) 15 Mins
Avg. Speed74 kmph

Departure Days From New Delhi Railway Station - Tuesday & Saturday

The table below shows the time schedule of Bilaspur Rajdhani, Train number 12442. Timing of Bilaspur Rajdhani train along with its arrival and departure time at each station is given below. The distance column shows the distance traveled by the train from its starting point i.e.., New Delhi

# Code Station Distance Arr. Time Dep. Time Halt Day of Arrival State
1 NDLS New Delhi Origin 15:45 -- Tu & Sa Delhi
2 JHS Jhansi Junction 409 Km 20:40 20:45 5 min Tu & Sa Uttar Pradesh
2.1 JHSA Jhansi A Cabin Uttar Pradesh
2.2 BJI Bijauli Uttar Pradesh
2.3 KHJ Khajraha Uttar Pradesh
2.4 BAB Babina Uttar Pradesh
2.5 BPW Burhpura Uttar Pradesh
2.6 BZY Basai Madhya Pradesh
2.7 MZX Matatila Madhya Pradesh
2.8 TBT Talbahat Madhya Pradesh
2.9 DLA Doulta Madhya Pradesh
2.10 BJA Bijrotha Uttar Pradesh
2.11 JHA Jakhaura Uttar Pradesh
2.12 DWA Dailwara Uttar Pradesh
2.13 LAR Lalitpur Uttar Pradesh
2.14 JRO Jiron Uttar Pradesh
2.15 JLN Jakhalaun Uttar Pradesh
2.16 DUA Dhaura Madhya Pradesh
2.17 MXS Mohasa Madhya Pradesh
2.18 KOA Karonda Madhya Pradesh
2.19 AGD Agasod Madhya Pradesh
2.20 BINA Bina Junction Madhya Pradesh
2.21 KIKA Kurwaikethora Madhya Pradesh
2.22 MABA Mandi Bamora Madhya Pradesh
2.23 KAH Kalhar Madhya Pradesh
2.24 CLHT Chulheta Madhya Pradesh
2.25 BET Bareth Madhya Pradesh
2.26 RKDI Raukheri Madhya Pradesh
2.27 RKRI Rao Khedi Madhya Pradesh
2.28 BAQ Ganj Basoda Madhya Pradesh
2.29 PAI Pabai Madhya Pradesh
2.30 GLG Gulabhganj Madhya Pradesh
2.31 SUMR Sumer Madhya Pradesh
2.32 SORI Sorai Madhya Pradesh
2.33 BHS Vidisha Madhya Pradesh
2.34 BTWN Betwa Cabin Madhya Pradesh
2.35 SCI Sanchi Madhya Pradesh
2.36 SMT Salamatpur Madhya Pradesh
2.37 DWG Dewanganj Madhya Pradesh
2.38 BVB Bhadbhadaghat Madhya Pradesh
2.39 SUW Sukhisewaniyan Madhya Pradesh
2.40 NSZ Nishatpura Madhya Pradesh
3 BPL Bhopal Junction 699 Km 00:01 00:05 4 min Su & We Madhya Pradesh
3.1 HBJ Bhopal Habibganj Madhya Pradesh
3.2 MSO Misrod Madhya Pradesh
3.3 MDDP Mandi Dip Madhya Pradesh
3.4 ITKL Itayakalan Madhya Pradesh
3.5 ODG Obaidulla Ganj Madhya Pradesh
3.6 BKA Barkhera Madhya Pradesh
3.7 CHQ Choka Madhya Pradesh
3.8 MIG Midghat Madhya Pradesh
3.9 BNI Budni Madhya Pradesh
3.10 HBD Hoshangabad Madhya Pradesh
3.11 PRKD Powerkheda Madhya Pradesh
3.12 ETF Itarsi F Cabin Madhya Pradesh
3.13 ET Itarsi Junction Madhya Pradesh
3.14 JUH Jujharpur Cabin Madhya Pradesh
3.15 JHP Jujharpur Madhya Pradesh
3.16 KRTH Kiratgarh Madhya Pradesh
3.17 KSLA Kesla Madhya Pradesh
3.18 TAKU Taku Madhya Pradesh
3.19 SAHL Saheli Madhya Pradesh
3.20 KQE Kalaakhar Madhya Pradesh
3.21 POX Pola Patthar Madhya Pradesh
3.22 DOH Dhodra Mohar Madhya Pradesh
3.23 MGRD Magardoh Madhya Pradesh
3.24 BBTR Barbatpur Madhya Pradesh
3.25 GDYA Ghoradongri Madhya Pradesh
3.26 DHQ Dharakhoh Madhya Pradesh
3.27 MJY Maramjhiri Madhya Pradesh
3.28 BZU Betul Madhya Pradesh
3.29 MALK Malkapur Road Madhya Pradesh
3.30 BYS Barsali Madhya Pradesh
3.31 AMLA Amla Junction Madhya Pradesh
3.32 JKR Jaulkhera Madhya Pradesh
3.33 MTY Multai Madhya Pradesh
3.34 HTN Hatna Pur Madhya Pradesh
3.35 CCD Chichonda Madhya Pradesh
3.36 GDKP Ghundankhapa Madhya Pradesh
3.37 TEO Teegaon Madhya Pradesh
3.38 PAR Pandhurna Madhya Pradesh
3.39 DDMT Darimeta Maharashtra
3.40 NRKR Narkher Maharashtra
3.41 TNH Tinkheda Maharashtra
3.42 KLBA Kalambha Maharashtra
3.43 KATL Katol Maharashtra
3.44 MER Metpanjra Maharashtra
3.45 SNKB Sonkhamb Maharashtra
3.46 KOHL Kohli Maharashtra
3.47 KSWR Kalmeshwar Maharashtra
3.48 BWRA Bharatwada Maharashtra
3.49 GNQ Godhani Maharashtra
4 NGP Nagpur 1089 Km 05:30 05:45 15 min Su & We Maharashtra
4.1 ITR Itwari Maharashtra
4.2 KAV Kalamna Maharashtra
4.3 KP Kamptee Maharashtra
4.4 KNHN Kanthan Junction Maharashtra
4.5 SAL Salwa Maharashtra
4.6 CHCR Chacher Maharashtra
4.7 TAR Tharsa Maharashtra
4.8 RRL Rewral Maharashtra
4.9 KHAT Khat Maharashtra
4.10 BRD Bhandara Road Maharashtra
4.11 KOKA Koka Maharashtra
4.12 TMR Tumsar Road Maharashtra
4.13 MNU Mundikota Maharashtra
4.14 TRO Tirora Maharashtra
4.15 KWN Kachewani Maharashtra
4.16 GJ Gangajhari Maharashtra
5 G Gondia Junction 1219 Km 07:21 07:23 2 min Su & We Maharashtra
5.1 GDM Gudma Maharashtra
5.2 AGN Amgaon Maharashtra
5.3 DNL Dhanoli Maharashtra
5.4 SKS Salekasa Maharashtra
5.5 DKS Darekasa Maharashtra
5.6 BTL Bortalao Maharashtra
5.7 PJB Paniajob Maharashtra
5.8 DGG Dongargarh Chhattisgarh
5.9 JTR Jatkanhar Chhattisgarh
5.10 MUA Musra Chhattisgarh
5.11 BAKL Bakal Chhattisgarh
6 RJN Raj Nandgaon 1323 Km 08:40 08:42 2 min Su & We Chhattisgarh
6.1 PMS Parmalkasa Chhattisgarh
6.2 MUP Murhipar Chhattisgarh
6.3 RSM Rasmara Chhattisgarh
7 DURG Durg Junction 1353 Km 09:25 09:30 5 min Su & We Chhattisgarh
7.1 BQR Bhilainagar Chhattisgarh
7.2 BPHB Bhilai Power House Chhattisgarh
7.3 BIA Bhilai Chhattisgarh
7.4 DBEC Devbaloda Charoda Chhattisgarh
7.5 CABN Bhilai Cabin Chhattisgarh
7.6 KMI Kumhari Chhattisgarh
7.7 SZB Sarona Chhattisgarh
7.8 SRWN Saraswatinagar Chhattisgarh
8 R Raipur Junction 1390 Km 10:05 10:15 10 min Su & We Chhattisgarh
8.1 WRC Wrscolonyph Chhattisgarh
8.2 URK Urkura Chhattisgarh
8.3 MDH Mandhar Chhattisgarh
8.4 SLH Siliari Chhattisgarh
8.5 BKTH Baikunth Chhattisgarh
8.6 TLD Tilda Chhattisgarh
8.7 HN Hathbandh Chhattisgarh
8.8 BYT Bhatapara Chhattisgarh
8.9 NPI Nipania Chhattisgarh
8.10 DGS Dagori Chhattisgarh
8.11 BYL Belha Chhattisgarh
8.12 CHBT Chakarbhatha Chhattisgarh
8.13 DPH Dadhapara Chhattisgarh
9 BSP Bilaspur 1508 Km 12:00 Destination Su & We Chhattisgarh

New Delhi to Bilaspur - Distance Map

Map given below shows the route map of Train number 12442, Bilaspur Rajdhani. This train operates between New Delhi and Bilaspur. Map also shows all the stations where Bilaspur Rajdhani stops. Total distance covered by the train, i.e.., the distance between New Delhi and Bilaspur is 938 miles or 1501 kilometers.

Route Map

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