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Chhattisgarh Sampark Kranti, 12823 - Durg Junction To Hazrat Nizamuddin

Given below is the details about Train Number 12823, CHHATTISGARH SAMPARK KRANTI operating service between Durg Junction and Hazrat Nizamuddin stations. Get the complete route map of the train along with the list of stations where it halts and days of arrival etc...

Train Basic Info
NameChhattisgarh Sampark Kranti
ScheduleMonday, Thursday & Saturday
Distance801 miles / 1281 km
Running Time 21 Hour(s) 5 Mins
Avg. Speed61 kmph

Departure Days From Durg Junction Railway Station - Monday, Thursday & Saturday

The table below shows the time schedule of Chhattisgarh Sampark Kranti, Train number 12823. Timing of Chhattisgarh Sampark Kranti train along with its arrival and departure time at each station is given below. The distance column shows the distance traveled by the train from its starting point i.e.., Durg Junction

# Code Station Distance Arr. Time Dep. Time Halt Day of Arrival State
1 DURG Durg Junction Origin 12:00 -- Mo, Th & Sa Chhattisgarh
1.1 BQR Bhilainagar Chhattisgarh
1.2 BPHB Bhilai Power House Chhattisgarh
1.3 BIA Bhilai Chhattisgarh
1.4 DBEC Devbaloda Charoda Chhattisgarh
1.5 CABN Bhilai Cabin Chhattisgarh
1.6 KMI Kumhari Chhattisgarh
1.7 SZB Sarona Chhattisgarh
1.8 SRWN Saraswatinagar Chhattisgarh
2 R Raipur Junction 36 Km 12:35 12:40 5 min Mo, Th & Sa Chhattisgarh
2.1 WRC Wrscolonyph Chhattisgarh
2.2 URK Urkura Chhattisgarh
2.3 MDH Mandhar Chhattisgarh
2.4 SLH Siliari Chhattisgarh
2.5 BKTH Baikunth Chhattisgarh
2.6 TLD Tilda Chhattisgarh
2.7 HN Hathbandh Chhattisgarh
3 BYT Bhatapara 107 Km 13:33 13:35 2 min Mo, Th & Sa Chhattisgarh
3.1 NPI Nipania Chhattisgarh
3.2 DGS Dagori Chhattisgarh
3.3 BYL Belha Chhattisgarh
3.4 CHBT Chakarbhatha Chhattisgarh
3.5 DPH Dadhapara Chhattisgarh
4 BSP Bilaspur 154 Km 14:30 14:50 20 min Mo, Th & Sa Chhattisgarh
4.1 CORD Bilaspur Chord Cabin Chhattisgarh
4.2 USL Usalapur Chhattisgarh
4.3 GTK Ghutku Chhattisgarh
4.4 KLTR Kalmitar Chhattisgarh
4.5 KGB Kargi Road Chhattisgarh
4.6 SLKR Salka Road Chhattisgarh
4.7 BIG Belgahna Chhattisgarh
4.8 TGQ Tenganmada Chhattisgarh
4.9 KGS Khongsara Chhattisgarh
4.10 BHTK Bhanwartonk Chhattisgarh
4.11 KOI Khodri Chhattisgarh
4.12 SBRA Sarbahara Chhattisgarh
5 PND Pendra Road 256 Km 16:25 16:27 2 min Mo, Th & Sa Chhattisgarh
5.1 HRB Harri Madhya Pradesh
5.2 VKR Venkatnagra Madhya Pradesh
5.3 NIQ Nigaura Madhya Pradesh
5.4 JTI Jaithari Madhya Pradesh
5.5 CLF Chhulha Madhya Pradesh
6 APR Anuppur Junction 306 Km 17:15 17:20 5 min Mo, Th & Sa Madhya Pradesh
6.1 AAL Amlai Madhya Pradesh
6.2 BUH Burhar Madhya Pradesh
6.3 CHDX Chhada Madhya Pradesh
6.4 SNGP Singhpur Madhya Pradesh
7 SDL Shahdol 347 Km 18:00 18:02 2 min Mo, Th & Sa Madhya Pradesh
7.1 BDWA Badhwa Bara Madhya Pradesh
7.2 GGT Ghunghuti Madhya Pradesh
7.3 MDXR Mudaria Madhya Pradesh
7.4 BRS Birsinghpur Madhya Pradesh
7.5 NRZB Nowrozabad Madhya Pradesh
7.6 KKI Karkeli Madhya Pradesh
8 UMR Umaria 414 Km 18:59 19:01 2 min Mo, Th & Sa Madhya Pradesh
8.1 LOA Lorha Madhya Pradesh
8.2 CHD Chandia Road Madhya Pradesh
8.3 VYK Vilayatkalan Road Madhya Pradesh
8.4 RPD Rupaund Madhya Pradesh
8.5 JLW Jhalwara Madhya Pradesh
8.6 NKJ New Katni Junction Madhya Pradesh
9 KMZ Katni Murwara 472 Km 20:35 20:45 10 min Mo, Th & Sa Madhya Pradesh
9.1 MJGP Majhagawan Phatak Madhya Pradesh
9.2 HDU Hardua Madhya Pradesh
9.3 PTHD Patohan Madhya Pradesh
9.4 REI Rithi Madhya Pradesh
9.5 BQQ Bakhleta Madhya Pradesh
9.6 SYA Salaia Madhya Pradesh
9.7 RTGN Ratangaon Madhya Pradesh
9.8 SAO Sagoni Madhya Pradesh
9.9 GTY Gola Pati Madhya Pradesh
9.10 GEA Ghatera Madhya Pradesh
9.11 BNU Bandakpur Madhya Pradesh
9.12 KYX Karhiyabhadeli Madhya Pradesh
9.13 DMO Damoh Madhya Pradesh
9.14 ANA Aslana Madhya Pradesh
9.15 PHA Patharia Madhya Pradesh
9.16 GAJ Ganeshganj Madhya Pradesh
9.17 DGD Dangidhar Madhya Pradesh
9.18 GW Girwar Madhya Pradesh
9.19 LDA Lidhora Khurd Madhya Pradesh
9.20 MKRN Makronia Madhya Pradesh
10 SGO Saugor 659 Km 23:15 23:20 5 min Mo, Th & Sa Madhya Pradesh
11 JHS Jhansi Junction 881 Km 02:30 02:38 8 min Su, Tu & Fr Uttar Pradesh
12 FDB Faridabad 1263 Km 08:31 08:33 2 min Su, Tu & Fr Haryana
13 NZM Hazrat Nizamuddin 1284 Km 09:05 Destination Su, Tu & Fr Delhi

Durg Junction to Hazrat Nizamuddin - Distance Map

Map given below shows the route map of Train number 12823, Chhattisgarh Sampark Kranti. This train operates between Durg Junction and Hazrat Nizamuddin. Map also shows all the stations where Chhattisgarh Sampark Kranti stops. Total distance covered by the train, i.e.., the distance between Durg Junction and Hazrat Nizamuddin is 801 miles or 1281 kilometers.

Route Map

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Train No. 12823, Chhattisgarh Sampark Kranti DURG to NZM

Get complete information about Train Timings and arrival, departure details of Train Number 12823, CHHATTISGARH SAMPARK KRANTI. Details about the CHHATTISGARH SAMPARK KRANTI including the station where it starts and its destination. Also find the total distance covered by the train.