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Coimbatore - Chengalpattu Special, 06630 - Coimbatore Junction To Chengalpattu

Train Discontinued

This train has been discontinued and is no longer in service.

Given below is the details about Train Number 06630, COIMBATORE - CHENGALPATTU SPECIAL operating service between Coimbatore Junction and Chengalpattu stations. Get the complete route map of the train along with the list of stations where it halts and days of arrival etc...

Train Basic Info
NameCoimbatore - Chengalpattu Special
ScheduleMonday & Thursday
Distance326 miles / 522 km
Running Time 11 Hour(s) 25 Mins
Avg. Speed46 kmph

Departure Days From Coimbatore Junction Railway Station - Monday & Thursday

The table below shows the time schedule of Coimbatore - Chengalpattu Special, Train number 06630. Timing of Coimbatore - Chengalpattu Special train along with its arrival and departure time at each station is given below. The distance column shows the distance traveled by the train from its starting point i.e.., Coimbatore Junction

# Code Station Distance Arr. Time Dep. Time Halt Day of Arrival State
1 CBE Coimbatore Junction Origin 15:40 -- Mo & Th Tamil Nadu
1.1 CBF Coimbatore North Junction Tamil Nadu
1.2 PLMD Pilamedu (Coimbatore) Tamil Nadu
1.3 SHI Singanallur Tamil Nadu
1.4 IGU Irugur (Coimbatore) Tamil Nadu
1.5 SUU Sulur Road (Coimbatore) Tamil Nadu
1.6 SNO Tiruppur Somanur Tamil Nadu
1.7 VNJ Tiruppur Vanjipalayam Tamil Nadu
2 TUP Tiruppur 50 Km 16:28 16:30 2 min Mo & Th Tamil Nadu
2.1 KUY Tiruppur Kulipalayam Tamil Nadu
2.2 UKL Uttukuli Tamil Nadu
2.3 VZ Vijayamangalam Tamil Nadu
2.4 IGR Ingur Tamil Nadu
2.5 PY Perundurai Tamil Nadu
2.6 TPM Totiyapalayam Tamil Nadu
3 ED Erode Junction 100 Km 17:20 17:40 20 min Mo & Th Tamil Nadu
3.1 CVD Chavadipalaiyam Tamil Nadu
3.2 PAS Pasur Tamil Nadu
3.3 URL Unjalur Tamil Nadu
3.4 KMD Kodumudi Tamil Nadu
3.5 PGR Pugalur Tamil Nadu
3.6 MPLM Marthipalayam Tamil Nadu
4 KRR Karur 165 Km 19:00 19:05 5 min Mo & Th Tamil Nadu
4.1 VRQ Virarakkiyam Tamil Nadu
4.2 MVS Manavasi Tamil Nadu
4.3 MYU Mayanoor Tamil Nadu
4.4 SEV Sithalavai Tamil Nadu
4.5 MMH Mahadanapuram Tamil Nadu
4.6 LP Lalapet Tamil Nadu
4.7 TIC Timmachipuram Tamil Nadu
4.8 KLT Kulitalai Tamil Nadu
4.9 MUQ Marudur Tamil Nadu
4.10 PLI Pettaivayatalai Tamil Nadu
4.11 PGN Perugamani Tamil Nadu
4.12 EL Elamanur Tamil Nadu
4.13 JPM Jiyapuram Tamil Nadu
4.14 MKY Mekkudi Tamil Nadu
4.15 MTNL Muttarasanallur Tamil Nadu
4.16 TP Tiruchirapalli Fort Tamil Nadu
4.17 TPE Tiruchirapalli PLKI Tamil Nadu
5 TPJ Tiruchirapalli 241 Km 20:40 21:00 20 min Mo & Th Tamil Nadu
5.1 GOC Ponmalai Golden Rock Tamil Nadu
5.2 TPTN Tiruchrpali Twn Tamil Nadu
5.3 SRGM Srirangam Tamil Nadu
5.4 UKV Uttamarkovil Tamil Nadu
5.5 BXS Pichchandarkovil Tamil Nadu
5.6 VLDE Valadi Tamil Nadu
5.7 MAND Mandurai Tamil Nadu
5.8 LLI Lalgudi Tamil Nadu
5.9 KTTR Kattur Tamil Nadu
5.10 PMB Pullambadi Tamil Nadu
5.11 KKPM Kallakkudi Plgh Tamil Nadu
5.12 KLGM Kallagam Tamil Nadu
5.13 SLTH Sillakkudi Tamil Nadu
5.14 ALU Ariyalur Tamil Nadu
5.15 OTK Ottakovil Tamil Nadu
5.16 VER Vellur Halt Tamil Nadu
5.17 SNDI Sendurai Tamil Nadu
5.18 MTUR Mathur Tamil Nadu
5.19 ICG Ichchangadu Tamil Nadu
5.20 PNDM Pennadam Tamil Nadu
5.21 TLNR Talanallur Tamil Nadu
5.22 VRT Vriddhachalam Town Tamil Nadu
5.23 VRI Vridhachalam Junction Tamil Nadu
5.24 PVN Puvanur Tamil Nadu
5.25 MPLY Meppuliyur Tamil Nadu
5.26 ULU Ulundurpet Tamil Nadu
5.27 PRKL Parikkal Tamil Nadu
5.28 TVNL Tiruvennainallur Tamil Nadu
5.29 KDMD Kandambakkam Tamil Nadu
6 VM Villupuram Junction 419 Km 00:45 01:05 20 min Tu & Fr Tamil Nadu
6.1 MYP Mundilyampakkam Tamil Nadu
6.2 VVN Vikravandi Tamil Nadu
6.3 PEI Perani Tamil Nadu
6.4 MTL Mailam Tamil Nadu
6.5 TMV Tindivanam Tamil Nadu
6.6 OLA Olakur Tamil Nadu
6.7 KSGL Karasangal Tamil Nadu
6.8 TZD Tozhuppedu Tamil Nadu
6.9 ACK Acharapakkam Tamil Nadu
7 MLMR Melmaruvattur 486 Km 02:15 02:20 5 min Tu & Fr Tamil Nadu
7.1 MMK Madurantakam Tamil Nadu
7.2 KGZ Karunguzhi Tamil Nadu
7.3 PTM Padalam Tamil Nadu
7.4 OV Otivakkam Tamil Nadu
8 CGL Chengalpattu 522 Km 03:05 Destination Tu & Fr Tamil Nadu

Coimbatore Junction to Chengalpattu - Distance Map

Map given below shows the route map of Train number 06630, Coimbatore - Chengalpattu Special. This train operates between Coimbatore Junction and Chengalpattu. Map also shows all the stations where Coimbatore - Chengalpattu Special stops. Total distance covered by the train, i.e.., the distance between Coimbatore Junction and Chengalpattu is 326 miles or 522 kilometers.

Route Map

Train No. 06630, Coimbatore - Chengalpattu Special CBE to CGL

Get complete information about Train Timings and arrival, departure details of Train Number 06630, COIMBATORE - CHENGALPATTU SPECIAL. Details about the COIMBATORE - CHENGALPATTU SPECIAL including the station where it starts and its destination. Also find the total distance covered by the train.