Find all trains running between Raichur (RC) and Manmad Junction (MMR). This page gives information on Train Names and Train Numbers of all the passenger trains operating on the Raichur - Manmad Junction route. Find the location of Raichur Railway Station and Manmad Junction Railway station on India Map.

Trains From Manmad Junction and Raichur • MMR - RC Train Timings

Manmad Junction Raichur
Average Distance : 800 Km
Travel Time : 11 Hrs 30 Mins - 17 Hrs 45 Mins

Every day train departs from Manmad Junction to Raichur

There are 4 Trains running between Raichur and Manmad Junction. Given below is the list of all the Raichur - Manmad Junction Trains.

These includes Mail/Express/Superfast

No Train Name Manmad Junction Raichur
16501 Ahmedabad - Bangalore Express
We Dep. : 06:50
Manmad Junction
We Arr. : 19:18
12628 Karnataka Express
Daily Dep. : 15:15
Manmad Junction
Daily Arr. : 04:08
16230 Varanasi Mysore Express
Su & Fr Dep. : 18:05
Manmad Junction
Mo & Sa Arr. : 09:55
17418 Tirupati Express
We Dep. : 21:20
Manmad Junction
Th Arr. : 14:23

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