Find all trains running between Raxaul Junction (RXL) and Varanasi Junction (BSB). This page gives information on Train Names and Train Numbers of all the passenger trains operating on the Raxaul Junction - Varanasi Junction route. Find the location of Raxaul Junction Railway Station and Varanasi Junction Railway station on India Map.

Trains From Varanasi Junction and Raxaul Junction • BSB - RXL Train Timings

Varanasi Junction Raxaul Junction
Average Distance : 465 Km
Average Time : 9 Hrs 41 Mins - 11 Hrs 20 Mins

There are 4 Trains running between Raxaul Junction and Varanasi Junction. Given below is the list of all the Raxaul Junction - Varanasi Junction Trains.

These includes Mail/Express/Superfast

Train departs from Varanasi Junction to Raxaul Junction On Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
No Train Name Varanasi Junction Raxaul Junction
14008 Sadhbhawna Express
We & Fr Dep. : 09:20
Varanasi Junction
We & Fr Arr. : 22:15
Raxaul Junction
14016 Sadhbhawna Express
Mo & Sa Dep. : 09:20
Varanasi Junction
Mo & Sa Arr. : 21:30
Raxaul Junction
14018 Sadbhavna Express
Th Dep. : 10:40
Varanasi Junction
Th Arr. : 22:15
Raxaul Junction
15268 Mumbai LTT - Raxaul JanSadharan Express
We Dep. : 20:00
Varanasi Junction
Th Arr. : 07:40
Raxaul Junction

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Other Routes

No Train Name Varanasi Raxaul
12538 Manduadih - Motihari Express
Mo, We & Fr Dep. : 07:45
Varanasi Junction
Mo, We & Fr Arr. : 15:30
12546 Karmabhoomi Express
Tu Dep. : 12:25
Mughal Sarai Junction
Tu Arr. : 00:45
Raxaul Junction