Given below is details about Train Number 12592, GORAKHPUR EXPRESS running between Yesvantpur Junction and Gorakhpur Junction stations. Get the complete route map of the train along with the list of stations where it halts and days of arrival etc...

Train No.12592, Gorakhpur Express
Distance1584 miles / 2534 km
Run Time 1 Day(s) 21 Hour(s) 45 Mins
Avg. Speed55 kmph

Time Table: Gorakhpur Express

Station/Code Distance* Arr. Dep. Halt Day of Arrival
Yesvantpur Junction (YPR)
Origin NA 17:20 NA Mo Mo
Hindupur (HUP)
Andhra Pradesh
95 Km 18:39 18:40 1min Mo Mo
Dharmavaram Junction (DMM)
Andhra Pradesh
174 Km 20:40 20:45 5min Mo Mo
Anantapur (ATP)
Andhra Pradesh
208 Km 21:23 21:25 2min Mo Mo
Guntakal Junction (GTL)
Andhra Pradesh
276 Km 23:00 23:05 5min Mo Mo
Adoni (AD)
Andhra Pradesh
327 Km 23:54 23:55 1min Mo Mo
Manthralayam Road (MALM)
Andhra Pradesh
368 Km 00:30 00:35 5min Tu Tu
Raichur (RC)
397 Km 01:03 01:05 2min Tu Tu
Begampet (BMT)
683 Km 06:23 06:25 2min Tu Tu
Secunderabad Junction (SC)
689 Km 06:55 07:20 25min Tu Tu
Kazipet Junction (KZJ)
829 Km 09:14 09:16 2min Tu Tu
Ramagundam (RDM)
931 Km 10:29 10:30 1min Tu Tu
Mancheral (MCI)
945 Km 10:59 11:00 1min Tu Tu
Belampalli (BPA)
965 Km 11:39 11:40 1min Tu Tu
Sirpur Kagaznagar (SKZR)
1003 Km 12:06 12:07 1min Tu Tu
Balharshah (BPQ)
1073 Km 13:25 13:35 10min Tu Tu
Chandrapur (CD)
1087 Km 13:54 13:55 1min Tu Tu
Hinganghat (HGT)
1171 Km 14:54 14:55 1min Tu Tu
Sevagram (SEGM)
1208 Km 15:34 15:35 1min Tu Tu
Nagpur (NGP)
1284 Km 17:00 17:10 10min Tu Tu
Pandhurna (PAR)
Madhya Pradesh
1388 Km 18:24 18:25 1min Tu Tu
Amla Junction (AMLA)
Madhya Pradesh
1452 Km 19:30 19:33 3min Tu Tu
Betul (BZU)
Madhya Pradesh
1475 Km 19:49 19:50 1min Tu Tu
Ghoradongri (GDYA)
Madhya Pradesh
1511 Km 20:29 20:30 1min Tu Tu
Itarsi Junction (ET)
Madhya Pradesh
1581 Km 22:15 22:20 5min Tu Tu
Bhopal Junction (BPL)
Madhya Pradesh
1673 Km 00:05 00:10 5min We We
Lalitpur (LAR)
Uttar Pradesh
1874 Km 03:04 03:05 1min We We
Jhansi Junction (JHS)
Uttar Pradesh
1963 Km 04:18 04:30 12min We We
Orai (ORAI)
Uttar Pradesh
2076 Km 05:58 06:03 5min We We
Pokhrayan (PHN)
Uttar Pradesh
2124 Km 06:34 06:35 1min We We
Kanpur Central (CNB)
Uttar Pradesh
2182 Km 08:15 08:20 5min We We
Unnao Junction (ON)
Uttar Pradesh
2199 Km 08:43 08:44 1min We We
Lucknow (LJN)
Uttar Pradesh
2256 Km 09:45 10:05 20min We We
Badshahnagar (BNZ)
Uttar Pradesh
2267 Km 10:30 10:32 2min We We
Barabanki Junction (BBK)
Uttar Pradesh
2292 Km 11:03 11:05 2min We We
Gonda Junction (GD)
Uttar Pradesh
2380 Km 12:20 12:25 5min We We
Mankapur Junction (MUR)
Uttar Pradesh
2408 Km 12:49 12:51 2min We We
Basti (BST)
Uttar Pradesh
2470 Km 13:40 13:45 5min We We
Khalilabad (KLD)
Uttar Pradesh
2499 Km 14:07 14:08 1min We We
Gorakhpur Junction (GKP)
Uttar Pradesh
2534 Km 15:05 Destination We We

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