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Gulbarga - Bhopal (Ijtema) One Trip Special, 01221 - Gulbarga To Bhopal Junction

Train Discontinued

This train has been discontinued and is no longer in service.

Given below is the details about Train Number 01221, GULBARGA - BHOPAL (IJTEMA) ONE TRIP SPECIAL operating service between Gulbarga and Bhopal Junction stations. Get the complete route map of the train along with the list of stations where it halts and days of arrival etc...

Train Basic Info
NameGulbarga - Bhopal (Ijtema) One Trip Special
Distance705 miles / 1128 km
Running Time 20 Hour(s)
Avg. Speed56 kmph

Departure Days From Gulbarga Railway Station - Friday

The table below shows the time schedule of Gulbarga - Bhopal (Ijtema) One Trip Special, Train number 01221. Timing of Gulbarga - Bhopal (Ijtema) One Trip Special train along with its arrival and departure time at each station is given below. The distance column shows the distance traveled by the train from its starting point i.e.., Gulbarga

# Code Station Distance Arr. Time Dep. Time Halt Day of Arrival State
1 GR Gulbarga Origin 08:00 -- Fr Karnataka
1.1 BBD Bablad Karnataka
1.2 SVG Sawalgi Karnataka
1.3 HHD Hunsihadgil Karnataka
1.4 GUR Ganagapur Road Karnataka
1.5 GDGN Gaudgaon Karnataka
1.6 KUI Kulali Karnataka
1.7 DUD Dudhani Maharashtra
1.8 BOT Boroti Maharashtra
1.9 NGS Nagansur Maharashtra
1.10 AKOR Akkalkot Road Maharashtra
1.11 TLT Tilati Maharashtra
1.12 HG Hotgi Maharashtra
1.13 TKWD Tikekarwadi Maharashtra
2 SUR Solapur Junction 112 Km 10:00 10:10 10 min Fr Maharashtra
2.1 BALE Bale Maharashtra
2.2 PK Pakni Maharashtra
2.3 MVE Mundhewadi Maharashtra
2.4 MO Mohol Maharashtra
2.5 MKPT Malikpeth Maharashtra
2.6 AAG Angar Maharashtra
2.7 WKA Vakav Maharashtra
2.8 MA Madha Maharashtra
2.9 WDS Wadsinge Maharashtra
2.10 KWV Kurduvadi Maharashtra
2.11 DHS Dhavalas Maharashtra
2.12 KEM Kem Maharashtra
2.13 BLNI Bhalwani Maharashtra
2.14 JEUR Jeur Maharashtra
2.15 PPJ Pophlaj Maharashtra
2.16 WSB Washimbe Maharashtra
2.17 PRWD Parewadi Maharashtra
2.18 JNTR Jinti Road Maharashtra
2.19 BGVN Bhigwan Maharashtra
2.20 MLM Malthan Maharashtra
2.21 BRB Boribial Maharashtra
3 DD Daund Junction 300 Km 12:45 12:55 10 min Fr Maharashtra
3.1 DDAM Daund Marshalling Yard Maharashtra
3.2 DDJA Daund Goods Yard Maharashtra
3.3 KSTH Kashti Maharashtra
3.4 SGND Shrigonda Road Maharashtra
3.5 BWD Belvandi Maharashtra
3.6 VPR Visapur Maharashtra
3.7 RNJD Ranjangaon Rd Maharashtra
3.8 SRL Sarola Maharashtra
3.9 AKR Akolner Maharashtra
3.10 ANG Ahmednagar Maharashtra
3.11 NNB Nimblak Maharashtra
3.12 VL Vilad Maharashtra
3.13 VBR Vambori Maharashtra
3.14 RRI Rahuri Maharashtra
3.15 TKMY Taklimiya Maharashtra
3.16 PDGN Padhegaon Maharashtra
3.17 NPW Nipani Vadgaon Maharashtra
3.18 BAP Belapur Maharashtra
3.19 CIT Chitali Maharashtra
3.20 PB Puntamba Maharashtra
3.21 KNGN Kanhegaon Maharashtra
3.22 SNVR Sanvatsar Maharashtra
3.23 KPG Kopargaon Maharashtra
3.24 YL Yeola Maharashtra
3.25 ANK Ankai Maharashtra
3.26 AAK Ankaikila Maharashtra
4 MMR Manmad Junction 540 Km 17:25 17:35 10 min Fr Maharashtra
4.1 PNV Panevadi Maharashtra
4.2 HSL Hisvahal Maharashtra
4.3 PJN Panjhan Maharashtra
4.4 NGN Nandgaon Maharashtra
4.5 PKE Pimpar Khed Maharashtra
4.6 NI Naydongri Maharashtra
4.7 RHNE Rohini Maharashtra
4.8 HPR Hirapur Maharashtra
4.9 CSN Chalisgaon Junction Maharashtra
4.10 VGL Vaghli Maharashtra
4.11 KJ Kajgaon Maharashtra
4.12 NGD Nagardevla Maharashtra
4.13 GAA Galan Maharashtra
4.14 PC Pachora Junction Maharashtra
4.15 PHQ Pardhande Maharashtra
4.16 MYJ Maheji Maharashtra
4.17 MWD Mhasavad Maharashtra
4.18 SS Shirsoli Maharashtra
4.19 JL Jalgaon Junction Maharashtra
4.20 TRW Tarsod Maharashtra
4.21 BDI Bhadli Maharashtra
5 BSL Bhusaval 724 Km 20:00 20:10 10 min Fr Maharashtra
5.1 BSBN Bhusawal B Cabin Maharashtra
5.2 DSK Duskheda Maharashtra
5.3 SAV Savda Maharashtra
5.4 NB Nimbhora Maharashtra
5.5 RV Raver Maharashtra
5.6 WGA Waghoda Madhya Pradesh
5.7 BAU Burhanpur Madhya Pradesh
5.8 AGQ Asirgarh Road Madhya Pradesh
5.9 CDI Chandni Madhya Pradesh
5.10 NPNR Nepanagar Madhya Pradesh
5.11 MWA Mandwa Madhya Pradesh
5.12 SXA Sagphata Madhya Pradesh
5.13 DGN Dongargaon Madhya Pradesh
5.14 KDK Kohdad Madhya Pradesh
5.15 BMA Bagmar Madhya Pradesh
5.16 BRGJ Bargaon Gujar Madhya Pradesh
6 KNW Khandwa 857 Km 23:00 23:05 5 min Fr Madhya Pradesh
6.1 MTA Mathela Madhya Pradesh
6.2 TLV Talvadya Madhya Pradesh
6.3 SGBJ Surgaon Banjari Madhya Pradesh
6.4 CKKD Charkheda Khurd Madhya Pradesh
6.5 CAER Chhanera Madhya Pradesh
6.6 BRUD Barud Madhya Pradesh
6.7 DRHI Dagarhkeri Madhya Pradesh
6.8 KKN Khirkiya Madhya Pradesh
6.9 KRO Kurawan Madhya Pradesh
6.10 BRI Bhiringi Madhya Pradesh
6.11 MUO Masangaon Madhya Pradesh
6.12 PAL Palasner Madhya Pradesh
6.13 HD Harda Madhya Pradesh
6.14 CRK Charkhera Madhya Pradesh
6.15 TBN Timarni Madhya Pradesh
6.16 CGO Chhidgaon Madhya Pradesh
6.17 PGL Pagdhal Madhya Pradesh
6.18 BIF Bhaironpur Madhya Pradesh
6.19 BPF Banapura Madhya Pradesh
6.20 DKI Dharmkundi Madhya Pradesh
6.21 KTZ Khutwansa Madhya Pradesh
6.22 DRA Dularia Madhya Pradesh
6.23 ETB Itarsi B Cabin Madhya Pradesh
6.24 JUH Jujharpur Cabin Madhya Pradesh
6.25 ITMA Itarsi Marshalling Yard Madhya Pradesh
6.26 ET Itarsi Junction Madhya Pradesh
6.27 ETF Itarsi F Cabin Madhya Pradesh
6.28 PRKD Powerkheda Madhya Pradesh
6.29 HBD Hoshangabad Madhya Pradesh
6.30 BNI Budni Madhya Pradesh
6.31 MIG Midghat Madhya Pradesh
6.32 CHQ Choka Madhya Pradesh
6.33 BKA Barkhera Madhya Pradesh
6.34 ODG Obaidulla Ganj Madhya Pradesh
6.35 ITKL Itayakalan Madhya Pradesh
6.36 MDDP Mandi Dip Madhya Pradesh
6.37 MSO Misrod Madhya Pradesh
6.38 HBJ Bhopal Habibganj Madhya Pradesh
7 BPL Bhopal Junction 1128 Km 04:00 Destination Sa Madhya Pradesh

Gulbarga to Bhopal Junction - Distance Map

Map given below shows the route map of Train number 01221, Gulbarga - Bhopal (Ijtema) One Trip Special. This train operates between Gulbarga and Bhopal Junction. Map also shows all the stations where Gulbarga - Bhopal (Ijtema) One Trip Special stops. Total distance covered by the train, i.e.., the distance between Gulbarga and Bhopal Junction is 705 miles or 1128 kilometers.

Route Map

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Get complete information about Train Timings and arrival, departure details of Train Number 01221, GULBARGA - BHOPAL (IJTEMA) ONE TRIP SPECIAL. Details about the GULBARGA - BHOPAL (IJTEMA) ONE TRIP SPECIAL including the station where it starts and its destination. Also find the total distance covered by the train.