Given below is details about Train Number 13164, HATE BAZARE EXPRESS running between Saharsa Junction and Sealdah stations. Get the complete route map of the train along with the list of stations where it halts and days of arrival etc...

Train No.13164, Hate Bazare Express
Distance371 miles / 593 km
Run Time 16 Hour(s) 45 Mins
Avg. Speed35 kmph

Time Table: Hate Bazare Express

Station/Code Distance* Arr. Dep. Halt Day of Arrival
Saharsa Junction (SHC)
Origin NA 14:20 NA Daily Daily
Simri Bakhtiyarpur (SBV)
16 Km 14:34 14:36 2min Daily Daily
Koparia (KFA)
23 Km 14:42 14:44 2min Daily Daily
Mansi Junction (MNE)
44 Km 15:56 15:58 2min Daily Daily
Mahes Khunt (MSK)
55 Km 16:09 16:10 1min Daily Daily
Narayanpur (NNR)
79 Km 16:41 16:42 1min Daily Daily
Thana Bihpur Junction (THB)
86 Km 16:53 16:54 1min Daily Daily
Naugachia (NNA)
102 Km 17:08 17:09 1min Daily Daily
Kursela (KUE)
120 Km 17:29 17:30 1min Daily Daily
Karagola Road (CRR)
137 Km 17:50 17:51 1min Daily Daily
Semapur (SMO)
148 Km 18:09 18:10 1min Daily Daily
Katihar Junction (KIR)
159 Km 19:15 19:40 25min Daily Daily
Labha (LAV)
182 Km 20:10 20:12 2min Daily Daily
Kumedpur (KDPR)
189 Km 20:21 20:23 2min Daily Daily
Harischandrpur (HCR)
West Bengal
195 Km 20:34 20:36 2min Daily Daily
Bhaluka Road F (BKRD)
West Bengal
205 Km 20:47 20:49 2min Daily Daily
Samsi (SM)
West Bengal
215 Km 21:15 21:17 2min Daily Daily
Eklakhi (EKI)
West Bengal
231 Km 21:51 21:53 2min Daily Daily
Malda Town (MLDT)
West Bengal
250 Km 22:40 22:50 10min Daily Daily
New Farakka Junction (NFK)
West Bengal
284 Km 23:22 23:24 2min Daily Daily
Nimtita (NILE)
West Bengal
309 Km 00:01 00:03 2min Daily Daily
Jangipur Road (JRLE)
West Bengal
329 Km 00:28 00:29 1min Daily Daily
Azimganj Junction (AZ)
West Bengal
364 Km 01:25 01:32 7min Daily Daily
Khagraghat Road (KGLE)
West Bengal
379 Km 01:55 01:57 2min Daily Daily
Bazarsau (BZLE)
West Bengal
406 Km 02:19 02:21 2min Daily Daily
Salar (SALE)
West Bengal
420 Km 02:37 02:38 1min Daily Daily
Katwa (KWAE)
West Bengal
437 Km 03:07 03:12 5min Daily Daily
Nabadwip Dham (NDAE)
West Bengal
478 Km 03:44 03:49 5min Daily Daily
Ambika Kalna (ABKA)
West Bengal
502 Km 04:10 04:12 2min Daily Daily
Bandel Junction (BDC)
West Bengal
544 Km 05:40 05:45 5min Daily Daily
Naihati Junction (NH)
West Bengal
553 Km 06:07 06:12 5min Daily Daily
Sealdah (SDAH)
West Bengal
593 Km 07:15 Destination Daily Daily

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