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Lalmati Express, 12865 - Howrah Junction To Purulia Junction

Given below is the details about Train Number 12865, LALMATI EXPRESS operating service between Howrah Junction and Purulia Junction stations. Get the complete route map of the train along with the list of stations where it halts and days of arrival etc...

Train Basic Info
NameLalmati Express
ScheduleTuesday & Saturday
Distance213 miles / 340 km
Running Time 5 Hour(s) 45 Mins
Avg. Speed59 kmph

Departure Days From Howrah Junction Railway Station - Tuesday & Saturday

The table below shows the time schedule of Lalmati Express, Train number 12865. Timing of Lalmati Express train along with its arrival and departure time at each station is given below. The distance column shows the distance traveled by the train from its starting point i.e.., Howrah Junction

# Code Station Distance Arr. Time Dep. Time Halt Day of Arrival State
1 HWH Howrah Junction Origin 08:30 -- Tu & Sa West Bengal
1.1 TPKR Tikiapara West Bengal
1.2 DSNR Dashnagar West Bengal
1.3 RMJ Ramrajatala West Bengal
1.4 SRC Kolkata Santragachi Junction West Bengal
1.5 MRGM Maurigram West Bengal
1.6 ADL Andul West Bengal
1.7 SEL Sankrall West Bengal
1.8 ABB Abada West Bengal
1.9 NALR Nalpur West Bengal
1.10 BVA Bauria Junction West Bengal
1.11 CGA Chengel West Bengal
1.12 FLR Phuleswar West Bengal
1.13 ULB Ulubaria West Bengal
1.14 BSBP Bir Shibpur West Bengal
1.15 KGY Kulgachia West Bengal
1.16 BZN Bagnan West Bengal
1.17 GGTA Ghoraghata West Bengal
1.18 DTE Deulti West Bengal
1.19 KIG Kolaghat Goods West Bengal
1.20 MCA Mecheda West Bengal
1.21 NDGJ Nandahganja West Bengal
1.22 BOP Bhogpur West Bengal
1.23 PKEO Panskura East Outer West Bengal
1.24 NPMR Narayan Pakuria West Bengal
1.25 PKU Panskura West Bengal
1.26 KHAI Khirai West Bengal
1.27 HAUR Haur West Bengal
1.28 RDU Radhamohanpur West Bengal
1.29 DUAN Duan West Bengal
1.30 BCK Balichak West Bengal
1.31 SMCK Shyam Chak West Bengal
1.32 MPD Madpur West Bengal
1.33 JPR Jakpur West Bengal
2 KGP Kharagpur Junction 117 Km 10:18 10:20 2 min Tu & Sa West Bengal
2.1 NMP Nimpura West Bengal
2.2 KKQ Kalaikunda West Bengal
2.3 KSO Khemasuli West Bengal
2.4 SUA Sardiha West Bengal
2.5 BNB Banstola West Bengal
3 JGM Jhargram 156 Km 10:51 10:53 2 min Tu & Sa West Bengal
3.1 KATB Khatkura West Bengal
3.2 GII Gidni West Bengal
3.3 KNM Kanimahuli West Bengal
4 CKU Chakulia 185 Km 11:12 11:14 2 min Tu & Sa West Bengal
4.1 KKPR Kokpara Jharkhand
4.2 DVM Dalbhumgarh Jharkhand
5 GTS Ghatsila 216 Km 11:36 11:38 2 min Tu & Sa Jharkhand
5.1 GUD Galudih Jharkhand
5.2 RHE Rakha Mines Jharkhand
5.3 ASB Asanboni Jharkhand
5.4 SLJR Salga Jhari Jharkhand
6 TATA Tatanagar Junction 252 Km 12:17 12:22 5 min Tu & Sa Jharkhand
6.1 ADTP Adityapur Jharkhand
6.2 GMH Gamharia Jharkhand
6.3 BIRP Birarajpur Jharkhand
6.4 KND Kandra Jharkhand
6.5 KZU Kunki Jharkhand
6.6 MIK Manikul Jharkhand
7 CNI Chandil Junction 288 Km 13:20 13:22 2 min Tu & Sa Jharkhand
7.1 NIM Nimdih Jharkhand
7.2 BRMD Biramdih West Bengal
8 BBM Barabhum 311 Km 13:37 13:38 1 min Tu & Sa West Bengal
8.1 URMA Urma West Bengal
8.2 KTD Kantadih West Bengal
8.3 TAO Tamna West Bengal
9 PRR Purulia Junction 342 Km 14:15 Destination Tu & Sa West Bengal

Howrah Junction to Purulia Junction - Distance Map

Map given below shows the route map of Train number 12865, Lalmati Express. This train operates between Howrah Junction and Purulia Junction. Map also shows all the stations where Lalmati Express stops. Total distance covered by the train, i.e.., the distance between Howrah Junction and Purulia Junction is 213 miles or 340 kilometers.

Route Map

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Train No. 12865, Lalmati Express HWH to PRR

Get complete information about Train Timings and arrival, departure details of Train Number 12865, LALMATI EXPRESS. Details about the LALMATI EXPRESS including the station where it starts and its destination. Also find the total distance covered by the train.