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Lucknow - Gorakhpur Intercity, 12532 - Lucknow To Gorakhpur Junction

Given below is the details about Train Number 12532, LUCKNOW - GORAKHPUR INTERCITY operating service between Lucknow and Gorakhpur Junction stations. Get the complete route map of the train along with the list of stations where it halts and days of arrival etc...

Train Basic Info
NameLucknow - Gorakhpur Intercity
Distance174 miles / 279 km
Running Time 4 Hour(s) 55 Mins
Avg. Speed57 kmph

Departure Days From Lucknow Railway Station - Daily

The table below shows the time schedule of Lucknow - Gorakhpur Intercity, Train number 12532. Timing of Lucknow - Gorakhpur Intercity train along with its arrival and departure time at each station is given below. The distance column shows the distance traveled by the train from its starting point i.e.., Lucknow

# Code Station Distance Arr. Time Dep. Time Halt Day of Arrival State
1 LJN Lucknow Origin 16:35 -- Daily Uttar Pradesh
1.1 ASH Aishbagh Uttar Pradesh
1.2 LC Lucknow City Uttar Pradesh
1.3 DAL Daliganj Uttar Pradesh
2 BNZ Badshahnagar 11 Km 16:58 17:00 2 min Daily Uttar Pradesh
2.1 GTNR Gomati Nagar Uttar Pradesh
2.2 ML Malhour Uttar Pradesh
2.3 JRR Jugaur Uttar Pradesh
2.4 SFH Safedabad Uttar Pradesh
3 BBK Barabanki Junction 36 Km 17:30 17:32 2 min Daily Uttar Pradesh
3.1 JBR Jahangirabad Rj Uttar Pradesh
3.2 RFR Rafinagar Uttar Pradesh
3.3 BUR Bindaura Uttar Pradesh
3.4 BUW Burhwal Uttar Pradesh
3.5 CKG Chowka Ghat Uttar Pradesh
3.6 GHT Ghaghara Chat Uttar Pradesh
4 JLD Jarwal Road 79 Km 18:12 18:13 1 min Daily Uttar Pradesh
4.1 SUJ Sarju Uttar Pradesh
5 CLJ Colonelganj 96 Km 18:23 18:24 1 min Daily Uttar Pradesh
5.1 KSR Kasturi Uttar Pradesh
5.2 MIR Maijapur Uttar Pradesh
5.3 KTHL Kathola Uttar Pradesh
5.4 GDK Gonda Kachahri Uttar Pradesh
6 GD Gonda Junction 124 Km 18:50 18:52 2 min Daily Uttar Pradesh
6.1 BRCK Baqua Chak Uttar Pradesh
6.2 MOTG Motiganj Uttar Pradesh
6.3 JLHI Jhilahi Uttar Pradesh
7 MUR Mankapur Junction 152 Km 19:14 19:16 2 min Daily Uttar Pradesh
7.1 LKNR Lakhpat Nagar Uttar Pradesh
7.2 MSW Maskanwa Uttar Pradesh
7.3 SNC S Narayan CHPLA Uttar Pradesh
7.4 BNGY Bahman Jyotia Uttar Pradesh
7.5 PATI Parsa Tiwari Uttar Pradesh
8 BV Babhnan 183 Km 19:44 19:45 1 min Daily Uttar Pradesh
8.1 GAUR Gaur Uttar Pradesh
8.2 TH Tinich Uttar Pradesh
8.3 GOVR Govindnagar Uttar Pradesh
9 BST Basti 213 Km 20:08 20:10 2 min Daily Uttar Pradesh
9.1 ORW Orwara Uttar Pradesh
9.2 MND Munderwa Uttar Pradesh
9.3 CRV Chureb Uttar Pradesh
10 KLD Khalilabad 243 Km 20:31 20:33 2 min Daily Uttar Pradesh
10.1 MHH Maghar Uttar Pradesh
10.2 SIPR Sihapar Uttar Pradesh
11 SWA Sahjanwa 260 Km 20:52 20:53 1 min Daily Uttar Pradesh
11.1 JTB Jagatbela Uttar Pradesh
11.2 DMG Domingarh Uttar Pradesh
12 GKP Gorakhpur Junction 278 Km 21:30 Destination Daily Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow to Gorakhpur Junction - Distance Map

Map given below shows the route map of Train number 12532, Lucknow - Gorakhpur Intercity. This train operates between Lucknow and Gorakhpur Junction. Map also shows all the stations where Lucknow - Gorakhpur Intercity stops. Total distance covered by the train, i.e.., the distance between Lucknow and Gorakhpur Junction is 174 miles or 279 kilometers.

Route Map

Train No. 12532, Lucknow - Gorakhpur Intercity LJN to GKP

Get complete information about Train Timings and arrival, departure details of Train Number 12532, LUCKNOW - GORAKHPUR INTERCITY. Details about the LUCKNOW - GORAKHPUR INTERCITY including the station where it starts and its destination. Also find the total distance covered by the train.