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Mumbai LTT - Gorakhpur Super Fast Express, 12542 - Lokmanya Tilak Terminus To Gorakhpur Junction

Given below is the details about Train Number 12542, MUMBAI LTT - GORAKHPUR SUPER FAST EXPRESS operating service between Lokmanya Tilak Terminus and Gorakhpur Junction stations. Get the complete route map of the train along with the list of stations where it halts and days of arrival etc...

Train Basic Info
NameMumbai LTT - Gorakhpur Super Fast Express
Distance1051 miles / 1682 km
Running Time 1 Day(s) 6 Hour(s) 10 Mins
Avg. Speed56 kmph

Departure Days From Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Railway Station - Daily

The table below shows the time schedule of Mumbai LTT - Gorakhpur Super Fast Express, Train number 12542. Timing of Mumbai LTT - Gorakhpur Super Fast Express train along with its arrival and departure time at each station is given below. The distance column shows the distance traveled by the train from its starting point i.e.., Lokmanya Tilak Terminus

# Code Station Distance Arr. Time Dep. Time Halt Day of Arrival State
1 LTT Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Origin 11:10 -- Daily Maharashtra
1.1 VVH Vidyavihar Maharashtra
1.2 GC Ghatkopar Maharashtra
1.3 VK Vikhroli Maharashtra
1.4 KJMG Kanjur Marg Maharashtra
1.5 BND Bhandup Maharashtra
1.6 NHU Nahur Maharashtra
1.7 MLND Mulund Maharashtra
1.8 TNA Thane Maharashtra
1.9 KLVA Kalva Maharashtra
1.10 MBQ Mumbra Maharashtra
1.11 DIVA Diva Maharashtra
1.12 KOPR Kopar Road Maharashtra
1.13 DI Dombivili Maharashtra
1.14 THK Thakurli Maharashtra
1.15 KYN Kalyan Maharashtra
1.16 SHAD Shahad Maharashtra
1.17 ABY Ambivli Maharashtra
1.18 TLA Titvala Maharashtra
1.19 KDV Khadavli Maharashtra
1.20 VSD Vasind Maharashtra
1.21 ASO Asangaon Maharashtra
1.22 ATG Atgaon Maharashtra
1.23 THS Thansit Maharashtra
1.24 KE Khardi Maharashtra
1.25 OMB Oombermali Maharashtra
1.26 KSRA Kasara Maharashtra
1.27 TGR3 Block & Catch Siding Cabin 3 Maharashtra
1.28 TGR2 Block & Catch Siding Cabin 2 Maharashtra
2 IGP Igatpuri 121 Km 13:35 13:40 5 min Daily Maharashtra
2.1 GO Ghoti Maharashtra
2.2 PI Padli Maharashtra
2.3 AV Asvali Maharashtra
2.4 LT Lahavit Maharashtra
2.5 DVL Devlali Maharashtra
2.6 NK Nasik Road Maharashtra
2.7 ODHA Odha Maharashtra
2.8 KW Khervadi Maharashtra
2.9 KBSN Kasbe Sukene Maharashtra
2.10 NR Niphad Maharashtra
2.11 UGN Ugaon Maharashtra
2.12 LS Lasalgaon Maharashtra
2.13 SUM Summit Maharashtra
2.14 MMR Manmad Junction Maharashtra
2.15 PNV Panevadi Maharashtra
2.16 HSL Hisvahal Maharashtra
2.17 PJN Panjhan Maharashtra
2.18 NGN Nandgaon Maharashtra
2.19 PKE Pimpar Khed Maharashtra
2.20 NI Naydongri Maharashtra
2.21 RHNE Rohini Maharashtra
2.22 HPR Hirapur Maharashtra
2.23 CSN Chalisgaon Junction Maharashtra
2.24 VGL Vaghli Maharashtra
2.25 KJ Kajgaon Maharashtra
2.26 NGD Nagardevla Maharashtra
2.27 GAA Galan Maharashtra
2.28 PC Pachora Junction Maharashtra
2.29 PHQ Pardhande Maharashtra
2.30 MYJ Maheji Maharashtra
2.31 MWD Mhasavad Maharashtra
2.32 SS Shirsoli Maharashtra
2.33 JL Jalgaon Junction Maharashtra
2.34 TRW Tarsod Maharashtra
2.35 BDI Bhadli Maharashtra
3 BSL Bhusaval 429 Km 17:40 17:50 10 min Daily Maharashtra
3.1 BSBN Bhusawal B Cabin Maharashtra
3.2 DSK Duskheda Maharashtra
3.3 SAV Savda Maharashtra
3.4 NB Nimbhora Maharashtra
3.5 RV Raver Maharashtra
3.6 WGA Waghoda Madhya Pradesh
3.7 BAU Burhanpur Madhya Pradesh
3.8 AGQ Asirgarh Road Madhya Pradesh
3.9 CDI Chandni Madhya Pradesh
3.10 NPNR Nepanagar Madhya Pradesh
3.11 MWA Mandwa Madhya Pradesh
3.12 SXA Sagphata Madhya Pradesh
3.13 DGN Dongargaon Madhya Pradesh
3.14 KDK Kohdad Madhya Pradesh
3.15 BMA Bagmar Madhya Pradesh
3.16 BRGJ Bargaon Gujar Madhya Pradesh
4 KNW Khandwa 552 Km 21:15 21:20 5 min Daily Madhya Pradesh
4.1 MTA Mathela Madhya Pradesh
4.2 TLV Talvadya Madhya Pradesh
4.3 SGBJ Surgaon Banjari Madhya Pradesh
4.4 CKKD Charkheda Khurd Madhya Pradesh
4.5 CAER Chhanera Madhya Pradesh
4.6 BRUD Barud Madhya Pradesh
4.7 DRHI Dagarhkeri Madhya Pradesh
4.8 KKN Khirkiya Madhya Pradesh
4.9 KRO Kurawan Madhya Pradesh
4.10 BRI Bhiringi Madhya Pradesh
4.11 MUO Masangaon Madhya Pradesh
4.12 PAL Palasner Madhya Pradesh
4.13 HD Harda Madhya Pradesh
4.14 CRK Charkhera Madhya Pradesh
4.15 TBN Timarni Madhya Pradesh
4.16 CGO Chhidgaon Madhya Pradesh
4.17 PGL Pagdhal Madhya Pradesh
4.18 BIF Bhaironpur Madhya Pradesh
4.19 BPF Banapura Madhya Pradesh
4.20 DKI Dharmkundi Madhya Pradesh
4.21 KTZ Khutwansa Madhya Pradesh
4.22 DRA Dularia Madhya Pradesh
4.23 ETB Itarsi B Cabin Madhya Pradesh
4.24 JUH Jujharpur Cabin Madhya Pradesh
4.25 ITMA Itarsi Marshalling Yard Madhya Pradesh
5 ET Itarsi Junction 736 Km 23:30 23:35 5 min Daily Madhya Pradesh
5.1 ETF Itarsi F Cabin Madhya Pradesh
5.2 PRKD Powerkheda Madhya Pradesh
5.3 HBD Hoshangabad Madhya Pradesh
5.4 BNI Budni Madhya Pradesh
5.5 MIG Midghat Madhya Pradesh
5.6 CHQ Choka Madhya Pradesh
5.7 BKA Barkhera Madhya Pradesh
5.8 ODG Obaidulla Ganj Madhya Pradesh
5.9 ITKL Itayakalan Madhya Pradesh
5.10 MDDP Mandi Dip Madhya Pradesh
5.11 MSO Misrod Madhya Pradesh
5.12 HBJ Bhopal Habibganj Madhya Pradesh
6 BPL Bhopal Junction 827 Km 01:10 01:15 5 min Daily Madhya Pradesh
6.1 NSZ Nishatpura Madhya Pradesh
6.2 SUW Sukhisewaniyan Madhya Pradesh
6.3 BVB Bhadbhadaghat Madhya Pradesh
6.4 DWG Dewanganj Madhya Pradesh
6.5 SMT Salamatpur Madhya Pradesh
6.6 SCI Sanchi Madhya Pradesh
6.7 BTWN Betwa Cabin Madhya Pradesh
6.8 BHS Vidisha Madhya Pradesh
6.9 SORI Sorai Madhya Pradesh
6.10 SUMR Sumer Madhya Pradesh
6.11 GLG Gulabhganj Madhya Pradesh
6.12 PAI Pabai Madhya Pradesh
6.13 BAQ Ganj Basoda Madhya Pradesh
6.14 RKRI Rao Khedi Madhya Pradesh
6.15 RKDI Raukheri Madhya Pradesh
6.16 BET Bareth Madhya Pradesh
6.17 CLHT Chulheta Madhya Pradesh
6.18 KAH Kalhar Madhya Pradesh
6.19 MABA Mandi Bamora Madhya Pradesh
6.20 KIKA Kurwaikethora Madhya Pradesh
6.21 BINA Bina Junction Madhya Pradesh
6.22 AGD Agasod Madhya Pradesh
6.23 KOA Karonda Madhya Pradesh
6.24 MXS Mohasa Madhya Pradesh
6.25 DUA Dhaura Madhya Pradesh
6.26 JLN Jakhalaun Uttar Pradesh
6.27 JRO Jiron Uttar Pradesh
6.28 LAR Lalitpur Uttar Pradesh
6.29 DWA Dailwara Uttar Pradesh
6.30 JHA Jakhaura Uttar Pradesh
6.31 BJA Bijrotha Uttar Pradesh
6.32 DLA Doulta Madhya Pradesh
6.33 TBT Talbahat Madhya Pradesh
6.34 MZX Matatila Madhya Pradesh
6.35 BZY Basai Madhya Pradesh
6.36 BPW Burhpura Uttar Pradesh
6.37 BAB Babina Uttar Pradesh
6.38 KHJ Khajraha Uttar Pradesh
6.39 BJI Bijauli Uttar Pradesh
6.40 JHSA Jhansi A Cabin Uttar Pradesh
7 JHS Jhansi Junction 1118 Km 05:15 05:32 17 min Daily Uttar Pradesh
7.1 MSV Mustara Uttar Pradesh
7.2 GRM Garhmau Uttar Pradesh
7.3 PIC Paricha Uttar Pradesh
7.4 PTSC Parichaa Thermal Uttar Pradesh
7.5 CGN Chirgaon Uttar Pradesh
7.6 NDK Nankhas Uttar Pradesh
7.7 MOTH Moth Uttar Pradesh
7.8 ERC Erich Road Uttar Pradesh
7.9 PRN Parauna Uttar Pradesh
7.10 AIT Ait Uttar Pradesh
7.11 BHUA Bhua Uttar Pradesh
8 ORAI Orai 1232 Km 06:48 06:50 2 min Daily Uttar Pradesh
8.1 ATA Ata Uttar Pradesh
8.2 KPI Kalpi Uttar Pradesh
8.3 CNH Chaunrah Uttar Pradesh
9 PHN Pokhrayan 1280 Km 07:43 07:45 2 min Daily Uttar Pradesh
9.1 MLS Malasa Uttar Pradesh
9.2 LLR Lalpur Uttar Pradesh
9.3 TLNH Tilaunchi Uttar Pradesh
9.4 PMN Paman Uttar Pradesh
9.5 RPGU Rasulpurgogamau Uttar Pradesh
9.6 BNAR Binaur Uttar Pradesh
9.7 BZM Bhimsen Uttar Pradesh
9.8 GOY Govindpuri Uttar Pradesh
10 CNB Kanpur Central 1338 Km 09:45 09:55 10 min Daily Uttar Pradesh
10.1 CPB Kanpur Bridge Left Bank Uttar Pradesh
10.2 MGW Magarwara Uttar Pradesh
10.3 ON Unnao Junction Uttar Pradesh
10.4 SIC Sonik Uttar Pradesh
10.5 AJ Ajgain Uttar Pradesh
10.6 KVX Kusumbhi Uttar Pradesh
10.7 JTU Jaitipur Uttar Pradesh
10.8 HRN Harauni Uttar Pradesh
10.9 POF Piparsand Uttar Pradesh
10.10 AMS Amausi Uttar Pradesh
10.11 MKG Manak Nagar Uttar Pradesh
10.12 LNWT Lucknow West Uttar Pradesh
11 LJN Lucknow 1412 Km 11:25 11:50 25 min Daily Uttar Pradesh
11.1 ASH Aishbagh Uttar Pradesh
11.2 LC Lucknow City Uttar Pradesh
11.3 DAL Daliganj Uttar Pradesh
11.4 BNZ Badshahnagar Uttar Pradesh
11.5 GTNR Gomati Nagar Uttar Pradesh
11.6 ML Malhour Uttar Pradesh
11.7 JRR Jugaur Uttar Pradesh
11.8 SFH Safedabad Uttar Pradesh
11.9 BBK Barabanki Junction Uttar Pradesh
11.10 JBR Jahangirabad Rj Uttar Pradesh
11.11 RFR Rafinagar Uttar Pradesh
11.12 BUR Bindaura Uttar Pradesh
11.13 BUW Burhwal Uttar Pradesh
11.14 CKG Chowka Ghat Uttar Pradesh
11.15 GHT Ghaghara Chat Uttar Pradesh
11.16 JLD Jarwal Road Uttar Pradesh
11.17 SUJ Sarju Uttar Pradesh
11.18 CLJ Colonelganj Uttar Pradesh
11.19 KSR Kasturi Uttar Pradesh
11.20 MIR Maijapur Uttar Pradesh
11.21 KTHL Kathola Uttar Pradesh
11.22 GDK Gonda Kachahri Uttar Pradesh
12 GD Gonda Junction 1528 Km 14:10 14:15 5 min Daily Uttar Pradesh
12.1 BRCK Baqua Chak Uttar Pradesh
12.2 MOTG Motiganj Uttar Pradesh
12.3 JLHI Jhilahi Uttar Pradesh
12.4 MUR Mankapur Junction Uttar Pradesh
12.5 LKNR Lakhpat Nagar Uttar Pradesh
12.6 MSW Maskanwa Uttar Pradesh
12.7 SNC S Narayan CHPLA Uttar Pradesh
12.8 BNGY Bahman Jyotia Uttar Pradesh
12.9 PATI Parsa Tiwari Uttar Pradesh
12.10 BV Babhnan Uttar Pradesh
12.11 GAUR Gaur Uttar Pradesh
12.12 TH Tinich Uttar Pradesh
12.13 GOVR Govindnagar Uttar Pradesh
13 BST Basti 1618 Km 15:25 15:30 5 min Daily Uttar Pradesh
13.1 ORW Orwara Uttar Pradesh
13.2 MND Munderwa Uttar Pradesh
13.3 CRV Chureb Uttar Pradesh
13.4 KLD Khalilabad Uttar Pradesh
13.5 MHH Maghar Uttar Pradesh
13.6 SIPR Sihapar Uttar Pradesh
13.7 SWA Sahjanwa Uttar Pradesh
13.8 JTB Jagatbela Uttar Pradesh
13.9 DMG Domingarh Uttar Pradesh
14 GKP Gorakhpur Junction 1682 Km 17:10 Destination Daily Uttar Pradesh

Lokmanya Tilak Terminus to Gorakhpur Junction - Distance Map

Map given below shows the route map of Train number 12542, Mumbai LTT - Gorakhpur Super Fast Express. This train operates between Lokmanya Tilak Terminus and Gorakhpur Junction. Map also shows all the stations where Mumbai LTT - Gorakhpur Super Fast Express stops. Total distance covered by the train, i.e.., the distance between Lokmanya Tilak Terminus and Gorakhpur Junction is 1051 miles or 1682 kilometers.

Route Map

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