Given below is details about Train Number 15273, SATYAGRAH EXPRESS running between Raxaul Junction and Anand Vihar Terminus stations. Get the complete route map of the train along with the list of stations where it halts and days of arrival etc...

Train No.15273, Satyagrah Express
Distance598 miles / 956 km
Run Time 1 Day(s) 15 Mins
Avg. Speed39 kmph

Departure Days From Raxaul Junction Railway Station - Daily

The table below shows the time schedule of Satyagrah Express, Train number 15273. Timing of Satyagrah Express train along with its arrival and departure time at each station is given below. The distance column shows the distance traveled by the train from its starting point i.e.., Raxaul Junction

Station/Code Distance* Arr. Dep. Halt Day of Arrival
Raxaul Junction (RXL)
Origin NA 08:50 NA Daily
Ramgarhwa (RGH)
14 Km 08:58 09:01 3min Daily
Sagauli Junction (SGL)
29 Km 09:20 09:25 5min Daily
Majhowlia (MJL)
42 Km 09:35 09:37 2min Daily
Bettiah (BTH)
51 Km 09:48 09:53 5min Daily
Chanpatia (CAI)
68 Km 10:06 10:08 2min Daily
Narkatiaganj Junction (NKE)
87 Km 10:27 10:32 5min Daily
Harinagar (HIR)
103 Km 10:46 10:48 2min Daily
Bhairoganj (BRU)
111 Km 10:58 11:00 2min Daily
Bagaha (BUG)
129 Km 11:30 11:35 5min Daily
Paniahwa (PNYA)
Uttar Pradesh
151 Km 12:56 12:58 2min Daily
Khada (KZA)
Uttar Pradesh
158 Km 13:07 13:09 2min Daily
Siswa Bazar (SBZ)
Uttar Pradesh
172 Km 13:22 13:25 3min Daily
Ghughuli (GH)
Uttar Pradesh
184 Km 13:36 13:39 3min Daily
Kaptanganj Junction (CPJ)
Uttar Pradesh
198 Km 13:57 14:02 5min Daily
Pipraich (PPC)
Uttar Pradesh
218 Km 14:25 14:27 2min Daily
Gorakhpur Junction (GKP)
Uttar Pradesh
237 Km 15:15 15:30 15min Daily
Khalilabad (KLD)
Uttar Pradesh
272 Km 16:10 16:12 2min Daily
Basti (BST)
Uttar Pradesh
302 Km 16:37 16:40 3min Daily
Babhnan (BV)
Uttar Pradesh
332 Km 17:05 17:07 2min Daily
Maskanwa (MSW)
Uttar Pradesh
348 Km 17:25 17:27 2min Daily
Mankapur Junction (MUR)
Uttar Pradesh
363 Km 17:53 17:55 2min Daily
Gonda Junction (GD)
Uttar Pradesh
391 Km 18:35 18:45 10min Daily
Colonelganj (CLJ)
Uttar Pradesh
420 Km 19:10 19:12 2min Daily
Jarwal Road (JLD)
Uttar Pradesh
437 Km 19:29 19:31 2min Daily
Burhwal (BUW)
Uttar Pradesh
452 Km 20:00 20:05 5min Daily
Tahsil Fatehpur (TSF)
Uttar Pradesh
474 Km 20:38 20:40 2min Daily
Mahmudabad Avdh (MMB)
Uttar Pradesh
490 Km 20:59 21:00 1min Daily
Biswan (BVN)
Uttar Pradesh
516 Km 21:30 21:32 2min Daily
Sitapur Cantonment (SCC)
Uttar Pradesh
550 Km 22:45 22:55 10min Daily
Sitapur City (SPC)
Uttar Pradesh
554 Km 23:20 23:25 5min Daily
Roza Junction (ROZA)
Uttar Pradesh
634 Km 00:50 00:55 5min Daily
Shahjehanpur (SPN)
Uttar Pradesh
641 Km 01:13 01:15 2min Daily
Bilpur (BLPU)
Uttar Pradesh
676 Km 01:48 01:50 2min Daily
Bareilly (BE)
Uttar Pradesh
712 Km 02:25 02:30 5min Daily
Rampur (RMU)
Uttar Pradesh
775 Km 03:22 03:24 2min Daily
Moradabad (MB)
Uttar Pradesh
802 Km 04:05 04:13 8min Daily
Amroha (AMRO)
Uttar Pradesh
833 Km 04:46 04:48 2min Daily
Gajraula Junction (GJL)
Uttar Pradesh
856 Km 05:08 05:10 2min Daily
Garhmuktesar (GMS)
Uttar Pradesh
876 Km 05:28 05:30 2min Daily
Hapur (HPU)
Uttar Pradesh
906 Km 07:05 07:15 10min Daily
Pilkhua (PKW)
Uttar Pradesh
918 Km 07:28 07:30 2min Daily
Ghaziabad (GZB)
Uttar Pradesh
943 Km 08:22 08:24 2min Daily
Sahibabad (SBB)
Uttar Pradesh
950 Km 08:33 08:35 2min Daily
Anand Vihar Terminus (ANVT)
956 Km 09:05 Destination Daily

Raxaul Junction to Anand Vihar Terminus - Distance Map

Map given below shows the route map of Train number 15273, Satyagrah Express. This train operates between Raxaul Junction and Anand Vihar Terminus. Map also shows all the stations where Satyagrah Express stops. Total distance covered by the train, i.e.., the distance between Raxaul Junction and Anand Vihar Terminus is 598 miles or 956 kilometers.

Route Map

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Train No. 15273, Satyagrah Express RXL to ANVT

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