Given below is details about Train Number 12391, SHRAMJEEVI EXPRESS running between Rajgir and New Delhi stations. Get the complete route map of the train along with the list of stations where it halts and days of arrival etc...

Train No.12391, Shramjeevi Express
Distance690 miles / 1104 km
Run Time 21 Hour(s)
Avg. Speed53 kmph

Time Table: Shramjeevi Express

Station/Code Distance* Arr. Dep. Halt Day of Arrival
Rajgir (RGD)
Origin NA 08:10 NA Daily Daily
Silao (SILO)
6 Km 08:16 08:18 2min Daily Daily
Nalanda (NLD)
11 Km 08:25 08:27 2min Daily Daily
Pawapuri Road Halt (POE)
17 Km 08:35 08:37 2min Daily Daily
Bihar Sharif (BEHS)
23 Km 08:46 08:48 2min Daily Daily
Wena (WENA)
37 Km 08:58 09:01 3min Daily Daily
Harnaut (HRT)
42 Km 09:07 09:09 2min Daily Daily
Bakhtiyarpur Junction (BKP)
53 Km 09:30 09:32 2min Daily Daily
Khusropur (KOO)
67 Km 09:43 09:45 2min Daily Daily
Fatwa (FUT)
76 Km 09:53 09:55 2min Daily Daily
Patna Saheb (PNC)
88 Km 10:04 10:06 2min Daily Daily
Rajendar Nagar Bihar (RJPB)
96 Km 10:21 10:23 2min Daily Daily
Patna Junction (PNBE)
98 Km 10:30 10:50 20min Daily Daily
Phulwari Sharif (PWS)
104 Km 11:00 11:02 2min Daily Daily
Danapur (DNR)
108 Km 11:10 11:12 2min Daily Daily
Bihta (BTA)
125 Km 11:22 11:24 2min Daily Daily
Ara (ARA)
147 Km 11:42 11:44 2min Daily Daily
Dumraon (DURE)
199 Km 12:15 12:17 2min Daily Daily
Buxar (BXR)
216 Km 12:34 12:36 2min Daily Daily
Gahmar (GMR)
236 Km 12:49 12:51 2min Daily Daily
Dildarnagar Junction (DLN)
Uttar Pradesh
252 Km 13:04 13:06 2min Daily Daily
Mughal Sarai Junction (MGS)
Uttar Pradesh
310 Km 14:17 14:27 10min Daily Daily
Varanasi Junction (BSB)
Uttar Pradesh
329 Km 15:02 15:12 10min Daily Daily
Jaunpur City (JOP)
Uttar Pradesh
386 Km 16:03 16:05 2min Daily Daily
Sultanpur (SLN)
Uttar Pradesh
472 Km 17:08 17:10 2min Daily Daily
Musafir Khana (MFKA)
Uttar Pradesh
503 Km 17:37 17:39 2min Daily Daily
Nihalgarh (NHH)
Uttar Pradesh
522 Km 17:54 17:56 2min Daily Daily
Lucknow (LKO)
Uttar Pradesh
612 Km 20:20 20:30 10min Daily Daily
Shahjehanpur (SPN)
Uttar Pradesh
776 Km 23:09 23:12 3min Daily Daily
Bareilly (BE)
Uttar Pradesh
847 Km 00:12 00:17 5min Daily Daily
Moradabad (MB)
Uttar Pradesh
937 Km 01:55 02:05 10min Daily Daily
Ghaziabad (GZB)
Uttar Pradesh
1078 Km 04:23 04:25 2min Daily Daily
New Delhi (NDLS)
1104 Km 05:10 Destination Daily Daily

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