Given below is details about Train Number 14217, UNCHAHAR EXPRESS running between Prayag and Chandigarh stations. Get the complete route map of the train along with the list of stations where it halts and days of arrival etc...

Train No.14217, Unchahar Express
Distance571 miles / 914 km
Run Time 19 Hour(s) 15 Mins
Avg. Speed47 kmph

Time Table: Unchahar Express

Station/Code Distance* Arr. Dep. Halt Day of Arrival
Prayag (PRG)
Uttar Pradesh
Origin NA 14:05 NA Daily Daily
Phaphamau Junction (PFM)
Uttar Pradesh
6 Km 14:18 14:19 1min Daily Daily
Ram Chaura Road (RMC)
Uttar Pradesh
27 Km 14:38 14:39 1min Daily Daily
Lalgopalganj (LGO)
Uttar Pradesh
34 Km 14:47 14:48 1min Daily Daily
Kundaharnamganj (KHNM)
Uttar Pradesh
48 Km 15:03 15:05 2min Daily Daily
Garhi Manikpur (GRMR)
Uttar Pradesh
60 Km 15:19 15:20 1min Daily Daily
Pariawan Kalakankar Road (PQN)
Uttar Pradesh
67 Km 15:31 15:32 1min Daily Daily
Unchahar Junction (UCR)
Uttar Pradesh
78 Km 15:48 15:50 2min Daily Daily
Jalalpur Dhai (JPD)
Uttar Pradesh
97 Km 16:16 16:17 1min Daily Daily
Dalmau Junction (DMW)
Uttar Pradesh
110 Km 16:33 16:35 2min Daily Daily
Lalganj (LLJ)
Uttar Pradesh
123 Km 16:52 16:54 2min Daily Daily
Raghuraj Singh (RRS)
Uttar Pradesh
136 Km 17:15 17:17 2min Daily Daily
Takia (TQA)
Uttar Pradesh
148 Km 17:38 17:39 1min Daily Daily
Bighapur (BQP)
Uttar Pradesh
158 Km 17:53 17:55 2min Daily Daily
Unnao Junction (ON)
Uttar Pradesh
190 Km 18:58 19:03 5min Daily Daily
Kanpur Central (CNB)
Uttar Pradesh
208 Km 19:35 20:05 30min Daily Daily
Rura (RURA)
Uttar Pradesh
252 Km 20:45 20:47 2min Daily Daily
Jhinjhak (JJK)
Uttar Pradesh
271 Km 21:03 21:05 2min Daily Daily
Phaphund (PHD)
Uttar Pradesh
291 Km 21:21 21:23 2min Daily Daily
Bharthana (BNT)
Uttar Pradesh
327 Km 21:50 21:52 2min Daily Daily
Etawah (ETW)
Uttar Pradesh
347 Km 22:15 22:17 2min Daily Daily
Jaswantnagar (JGR)
Uttar Pradesh
363 Km 22:30 22:32 2min Daily Daily
Shikohabad Junction (SKB)
Uttar Pradesh
402 Km 23:01 23:06 5min Daily Daily
Firozabad (FZD)
Uttar Pradesh
422 Km 23:21 23:23 2min Daily Daily
Tundla Junction (TDL)
Uttar Pradesh
439 Km 00:02 00:10 8min Daily Daily
Hathras Junction (HRS)
Uttar Pradesh
486 Km 00:44 00:46 2min Daily Daily
Aligarh Junction (ALJN)
Uttar Pradesh
517 Km 01:11 01:16 5min Daily Daily
Khurja Junction (KRJ)
Uttar Pradesh
560 Km 01:46 01:49 3min Daily Daily
Ghaziabad (GZB)
Uttar Pradesh
630 Km 03:23 03:25 2min Daily Daily
Sahibabad (SBB)
Uttar Pradesh
636 Km 03:34 03:36 2min Daily Daily
Delhi (DLI)
650 Km 04:10 04:25 15min Daily Daily
Narela (NUR)
675 Km 04:57 04:59 2min Daily Daily
Sonipat (SNP)
693 Km 05:14 05:16 2min Daily Daily
Ganaur (GNU)
709 Km 05:31 05:33 2min Daily Daily
Samalkha (SMK)
721 Km 05:57 05:59 2min Daily Daily
Panipat Junction (PNP)
738 Km 06:18 06:20 2min Daily Daily
Karnal (KUN)
772 Km 06:51 06:53 2min Daily Daily
Kurukshetra Junction (KKDE)
805 Km 07:32 07:34 2min Daily Daily
Shahbad Markanda (SHDM)
827 Km 07:57 07:59 2min Daily Daily
Ambala Cantonment (UMB)
847 Km 08:30 08:42 12min Daily Daily
Chandigarh (CDG)
914 Km 09:25 Destination Daily Daily

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