When is Dhanurmasa Prarambham in 2017? Know about Dhanurmasa Prarambham and the day and date on which Dhanurmasa Prarambham falls this year. Information about holidays and important days in 2015. Find out when is Dhanurmasa Prarambham in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Dhanurmasa Prarambham in 2017 is on Saturday, 16th December 2017

3 days to go for the event

Dhanurmasa Prarambham festival dates between 2014 & 2024

2014Tuesday, 16th of December
2015Thursday, 17th of December
2016Friday, 16th of December
2017Saturday, 16th of December
2018Sunday, 16th of December
2019Tuesday, 17th of December
2020Wednesday, 16th of December
2021Thursday, 16th of December
2022Friday, 16th of December
2023Sunday, 17th of December
2024Monday, 16th of December
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