It feels good to know whats coming and have control over events happening in your life. Your horoscope is the key to understanding your life and events happening in and around it. The position of various celestial bodies at the time of your birth is crucial and influences your course of life.

Given below is an input form that generates a combination of

  1. your horoscope based on birth date
  2. your numerology report based on your name and date of birth
  3. personalised birthstone recommendation - weight of stone, type of stone to wear etc...

To view sample report in different languages, scroll down and choose a language next to 'View Sample Report' button. This Astrology horoscope + Numerology + Gemstone report is available for just Rs.999/-

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3-in-1 Combo Report @ Rs. 999/- (45 Plus Pages)

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In-depth Horoscope Report with Predictions & Remedies

  • Horoscope with predictions, remedies & pariharas including manthras and yantras for next 25 years.
  • If there are obstacles in you horoscope, steps to overcome them
  • Favourable periods for marriage, property purchase, business growth etc. for up to 60 years.
  • Predictions about your personality, marriage, career, assets etc...
  • Forecast about your next 5 years.
  • Yogas for health and prosperity.
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Get Indepth Report Alone for Rs.750/-

Numerology Report

  • Numerology based analysis of your personality, health, career etc..
  • Suggestions about your marriage and life partner
  • Health tips and information on critical times.
  • Lucky and unlucky days and numbers, favourable directions etc...
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Birthstone / Gem Recommendation

  • Your birthstone recommendation based on horoscope
  • Exact carat weight of gem to be used for favourable results
  • Details about the right metal to set the gem
  • Recommendations on how and when to start wearing your birthstone / Gem stone
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