Budh Gochar

The 'very diplomatic', 'gentle' and lesser benefic Budh Graha (planet Mercury) symbolizes communication, intelligence, and education. Budh grah is considered the prince, ruling over communication, learning, business, intellect, logic, and analytical capabilities. Mercury changes zodiac sign atleast once every month and this includes forward motion as well as retrograde motion.

In 2023, Budh changes rashi 13 times and retrogrades 3 times.

What rashi is Budha transiting now?

Budha entered Meena rashi on March 16, 2023

Right now, Budh is in Meena rashi (Pisces). After 15 days of transit in Meena, Budha will move to Mesha rashi on March 31, 2023.

Budha will start vakragati (vakri) in Mesha rashi (Mercury retrograde in Aries) on April 21

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Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India

Budha Gochar 2023 Dates

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