Everyone will see what you appear to be but only a few will experience what you really are.

Each human is unique, with different preferences and different needs. Astrology is the only effective tool for illuminating each individual's preferences and needs, including your hidden subconscious desires. It reveals your psychological makeup and your hidden drives.

Love compatibility, a state in which two things are able to exist or occur together without problems and conflicts. Compatibility is not perfection. most of the time people try to find good people and leave the bad ones rather it should find the good in people and ignore the bad ones because no one is perfect. Astrology, as a unique language of energy, is the most powerful tool for determining compatibility, before risking years in a relationship. Astrology helps people learn how to deal with each other because it reveals the inner workings of their psyches. Astrology will get to say, "Now I know why he/she is like that."

Numerous astrological techniques are used to determine compatibility levels between two lovers. Some simple methods are comparing Venus, Mars and moon signs. The houses containing the moon and Venus show what areas of life provide you with sense of emotional fulfillment and joy of living. These houses should be compatible to your partner's houses to avoid conflicting situations. Knowing a person's love language ahead of time can help one avoid a bad choice of partner.

The element of Venus tells us about the love language. Venus is exalted in watery a sign which brings the most emotional energy but it is debilitated in an earthy sign which brings stability and durability. These are conflicting situations because emotions do not understand stability. Venus in fiery sign will bring the most physical and emotional energy and in airy sign bring companionability and intellectual stimulus to partnership but perhaps the least of all emotional energy and physical responsiveness, excellent communication and interesting conversations. Venus’s mooltrikona sign is an airy sign which represents balance, a right balance between emotional energy and stability. Afflicted Venus will bring limited ability to express love and trust and love for the other person where as benefic venus will bring an art to communicate those feelings happily.

Mars communicates the sexual needs. The practical aspect of the love relationship. Mars is exalted in an earthy sign which brings stability and durability and gets debilitated in a watery sign which brings emotional energy hence mars does not understand emotional value of a love relationship. Mars mooltrikona sign is a fiery sign which brings physical energy and motional energy. Love relationship has to strike a balance between emotional needs and physical needs. In birth chart when mars and Venus are fast friends they make the individual very passionate. Afflicted mars will bring stressful or discordant sexual style where as benefic mars will communicate sexual needs openly and gracefully.

Before attempting to determine compatibility between two people, each birth chart is analyzed in its individual capacity to relate to love relationships and then a comparative study of both the charts are well matched to see their needs for intimacy and rhythms blend.

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