Given below is today's, (Monday, May 16) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Cancer & Scorpio zodiac combination.

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Your emotions are not fully integrated to your actions today. You may have been planning a big surprise for your partner or organizing a party to surprise and honor your partner, but some external events are going to intrude in your plans today. You will find yourself being constantly distracted. Though you want only to concentrate on your partner and romance, small but persistent matters will serve to distract you. As a result, you may make several mistakes in your plans. These are minor, but in your state of heightened perception, they will appear like a big deal. You will probably work up a lot of tension thinking how your partner is going to interpret the mistakes and oversight and you are going to be concerned about the type of image that you are putting forth.

What appears devastating to you will actually appear to be rather endearing to your partner. Your fears are completely groundless. Your partner loves you and will be more than happy to overlook whatever small oversights and gaps are there in your plans. Your partner is going to be impressed and touched that you went to so much trouble even though everything did not go as smoothly as you planned. Expect a lot of appreciation. You are likely to become harried and stressed obsessing over minor matters but your partner will be understanding and sympathetic and will help you to see the situation in a more practical light.

Lucky color: Black, blue, green
Lucky number: 32, 78, 61

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