Given below is today's, (Monday, May 16) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Cancer & Taurus zodiac combination.

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The time is perfect to take a careful look at the state of your romantic life. You have let it become highly cluttered. This is mostly due to an innate desire to leave things undisturbed. In addition, external factors have also influenced your decision. But both the physical and the mental clutter need urgent cleaning and you can achieve the most in this regard today. Take a careful inventory.

When you find anything that is either holding you back or just taking up unnecessary space, do not hesitate to discard it. You have been almost fearful of letting this clutter go, but today you will be filled with a surge of confidence that will help you to clear up your romantic life. You will also be able to clearly see people as what they are rather than through the rose tinted glasses that you tend to put on.

Your partner has a much clearer and concise view of the relationship. Your partner may be carrying enough baggage, but this has not prevented him / her to enter wholeheartedly into the relationship. It is not the baggage of your partner that is affecting you. In fact, your partner has been very patient in putting up with your clutter. So, now when you show willingness to clear things up, you are going to receive a lot of enthusiastic support from that quarter. The result of this massive cleaning project will be a more open and fulfilling relationship.

Lucky color: chocolate, golden, sienna
Lucky number: 3, 87, 34

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