Given below is today's, (Thursday, May 19) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Gemini & Aries zodiac combination.

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You are feeling quite adventurous today. You are ready to explore new activities in your romantic life which you previously wanted to do but never managed to actually accomplish. The mood is perfect for acting out your fantasies. You have not talked about this aspect of your passion with your partner before, but unless you get the issue out in the open, how do you know that your partner will reject it? This obviously involves an element of risk and you had not been ready to take this risk till now. But your passionate nature will no longer be denied. You are ready to take a chance. So, you will start the day hinting at this fantasy to your partner and this is going to gradually build up to a grand finale which you are going to enjoy very much indeed.

Your partner has as much an active fantasy life as you do, but you have been very successful in hiding this from your partner. So, when you come out with a completely new side of your romantic ideas today, your partner is going to be surprised but delighted. This is a day of no restraint. Suggest what you desire most to your partner and chances are high that your suggestions will be well received. So, get prepared to enjoy a glorious romantic adventure with your partner today, provided you can take the first step and actually reveal your demands and desires to your partner.

Lucky color: Pink, maroon, coral
Lucky number: 8, 5, 3

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