Given below is today's, (Wednesday, August 05) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Gemini & Aries zodiac combination.

This is the best time for romance. Earlier, thoughts of appearing too sentimental or foolish has held you back from making extravagant romantic gestures which you really long to do. The day is perfect to ignore those who pass unflattering comments. Instead, let your emotional and sentimental side take over and plan for the romantic extravaganza that you crave. It is vital that you express your feelings and do it in your own way – not what you think should be the way. The day is perfect for pulling out all the stops. If you were thinking of taking the relationship to the next level, then you can start the discussion today. Married couples can discuss having children.

Your partner on the other hand is likely to be somewhat distracted and preoccupied with other issues. While you thought that your partner has been ignoring you, they have actually completely missed what you were saying or doing. But when you make your extravagant romantic gesture today, your partner will be very surprised and very touched! Your partner is also going to thank you for your thoughtfulness and is going to love every minute of whatever you organize. This will be a much needed relaxation for your partner and you can be sure of a positive response to whatever proposal you care to put forward today.

Lucky color: Purple, lilac, sea green
Lucky number: 27, 53, 91

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