Given below is today's, (Monday, May 28) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Gemini & Cancer zodiac combination.

The day will begin with your encounter with people who love to poke in your matters. Even those whom you had never expected or expected the least to behave this way, will show their true colors. These people want to get into your romantic business and want to disturb the harmonious equations between you and your partner. But as long as you don’t entertain them, they will not be able to derive any information. They are looking for this information in order to spread rumors against you and your partner; they will load it with spices as well!

Today you will be caressed by your sweetheart very sweetly. They may follow you through all day and will call you at short intervals just to express how much you mean to them. Isn’t that romantic?
Being totally true to each other has been a dream for both of you and today you guys will confide into each other, thus maintaining absolute transparency in your relationship. Everything else will automatically fall in place.

There will be no obstacles if you two guys want to take your union to the next level of passionate physical love making.

You are filled with gusto and want to make promises which will be pleasing to your partner and will make them feel glad. But you must pause for some time and reassess your decision. Ask yourself, will you be able to keep up to the promise or not!

Lucky colors: yellow green, vermillion and teal blue.
Lucky numbers: 2, 20, 35, 40

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