Given below is today's, (Thursday, May 19) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Libra & Gemini zodiac combination.

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You have been waiting for the right moment for a very long time. The time somehow never seemed right. You did not want to create the perfect moment simply by yourself. You wanted it to feel right. Well, today is your lucky day! You have woken up feeling good. Everything you do today seems to happen perfectly. Therefore, this day is perfect for you to tell your sweetheart what is on your mind.

Your partner has no inkling of your plans today. He/she is having a normal run of the mill day and could certainly do with some excitement. He/she can sense something special in the day and look forward to it. But he/she somehow cannot pinpoint on what it is. Therefore, help him/her out by creating the perfect moment.

Take some time off your schedule and make some plans and appointments. Dressing up for the occasion would be a great idea. Instead of telling your partner to dress up, take him/her out shopping. While shopping, avoid proximity to very bright colors. Cool calm colors will be a smart choice.  If planning a meal together, go for lilies or orchids as centerpieces instead of roses and candlelight instead of a bonfire.
 Plan everything well and it would be a good idea to call your partner frequently today. Someone is trying to play up to your partner’s affections in your absence. Although there is nothing to fear, your support would mean a lot to your partner in this case.

Lucky colors – olive green, silver grey
Lucky numbers – 4, 20, 31, 40

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