Given below is today's, (Thursday, October 01) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Scorpio & Aquarius zodiac combination.

You feel a need to spice up your romantic life today. You are secure in your relationship and have a deep regard for your partner. But you are feeling a little bored and you fear that you have fallen into a rut. So, today you will come up with innovative ideas to add a much needed zing to your romantic life.

You had demonstrated plenty of spontaneity and initiative during the early days of your relationship, but lately you have been content to let things be. It has seemed like too much of an effort. A new enthusiasm for romance fills you today and you will be exploring ideas to make your relationship more interesting. You may even try something kinky in the bedroom. Act out your fantasies or build on the fantasies of your partner. You can even arrange to try a sport together which you love but have not revealed to your partner yet.

The boredom that has struck you today had also been affecting your partner who will be very glad to let you take the initiative to make the romance more interesting. Your partner will love whatever surprise you prepare and will be more than ready to try something different and new. With this enthusiastic participation, you can anticipate rather an eventful day coming up. However, the responsibility of organizing a memorable evening lies with you though your partner will love whatever you arrange.

Lucky color: royal blue, peacock green, red
Lucky number: 7, 5, 31

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