Given below is today's, (Sunday, March 29) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Taurus & Libra zodiac combination.

It has been a tiring day for you in the work front as well as domestic front. You have had to fulfill a lot of expectations and it has been taking a toll on you. You cannot wait for the day to be over just so that you can unwind with your partner and be comfortable in their presence.

Your partner has an extremely caring and reassuring nature that draws you towards him/her. While you tend to worry a lot and make a big deal out of situations, your partner is the calming influence in your life. He/she tends to weigh situations rationally and help you see reason whenever you fail to see it. At the same time, you live in the moment and try to make every moment count, thus providing the much needed adventure in your relationship. Your partner meanwhile provides the anchor of your love life.

Therefore, quickly complete all the pending work and make a beeline for your partner’s place. Do not make any elaborate plans. Instead focus on simple pleasures like a home cooked meal prepared together or a mug of steaming coffee. If you plan to go for some rejuvenation outside, yoga is a good idea. Today is a day for simple pleasures. Soft music, subtle incense and a bubble bath may help ease away tensions. Today might show indications for big decisions. But they are just coincidences. Right now, live in the moment.

Lucky colors – beige, tan brown
Lucky numbers – 4, 5, 19, 21, 34

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