Given below is today's, (Sunday, March 29) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Taurus & Pisces zodiac combination.

Today is an interesting day as you might have to play the cupid. That’s right! You and your partner may be the reason behind the start of a beautiful and long lasting relationship of a close one. While you are at it, there might be good news in store for you in the form of family blessings, your relationship taking a new turn towards happiness and much more.

Now, according to the stars, today is a day of introspection. You will look into yourself to assess the state of your relationship. If it is in a difficult state, you might find the answer within you. If the relationship is in a happy state, you might be motivated to see how you can make it better.

Today is day for music and dance. It will be a good idea to either visit an occasion or spend time at home, listening to your favorite music or go dancing. The vibes shall be good for you and your partner and help build the relationship to a stronger level. For those planning marriage, it will be a good idea to tell the folks about your relationship. Time is very favorable for marriage discussions right now. Your partner is of a cheerful disposition who aims at spreading joy wherever they go. Therefore, convincing parents will not be very difficult. In fact, they might take to your partner even before you tell them about you.

Lucky color – Olive green
Lucky numbers – 5, 13, 27, 34, 40

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