Given below is today's, (Monday, February 17) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Taurus & Scorpio zodiac combination.

Today is a promising day for love. You can expect interesting  surprises like gifts, flowers or even a surprise visit from your partner today when you least expect it. Today aims to be special and needs you and your partner to help in this case.

You and your partner have been through a lot and have always stood faithfully by each other all this time. Through this, you have formed an extremely strong bond. Today will be a day of reminiscence where all these incidents will come back to you.  The past can teach us a lot of lessons which will be a guiding mark for the future. You two love each other. The love you two have resonates throughout the day to make everything look and feel beautiful. After all, you two are meant to be and have a long fruitful journey ahead of you.

Therefore, this day calls for celebration out of respect for your bond. You two will miss each other the whole day. There will be a lot of phone calls exchanged today as both of you want to say so much to each other. You two will have a lot of emotions flowing through each other and will be dumbfounded. Therefore, it is a good idea to spend the time indoors and with each other, doing all the activities you wish to participate in together. Try to stay away from sharp objects and cool elements.

Lucky colors – raspberry red, honey yellow
Lucky numbers -1, 13, 26, 33, 40

Taurus with other signs  

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