Given below is today's, (Friday, April 20) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Virgo & Scorpio zodiac combination.

You and your partner seem to be having tiffs regularly. Be it misunderstanding or faults, times have not been very promising. The astral opinion is that you should utilize this day to make up with your partner and explore issues as some issues need some discussion and understanding. As your relationship goes on, you learn new experiences. Treat the tiffs as lesson for the future. You and your partner both have expectations. In order to learn about him/her, some misunderstandings are bound to happen. These are not bad signs. In fact, they are a learning experience.

Your partner is tired of the disturbances. He/she would gladly love to make up as he/she has realized through the misunderstandings how much love your relationship holds. He/she hopes for a sitting down and talking it out so that everything falls into place and you two can start afresh on a wiser note with much more reinforced love and trust.

Therefore, today instead of indulging in activities, head for a coffee and sit down in each other’s company and talk things out to your heart’s content. After all, you two came together due to a common understanding. This is what your relationship requires at the moment. The love is there and always has been. All it needs is a bit of trust and understanding. In hindsight later on in life, you two shall cherish this day as it will bring you a lot closer than you have been.

Lucky colors – chrome yellow, vermillion red
Lucky numbers – 6, 13, 19, 27, 42

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