2023 Manvadi days for Ashburn, Virginia, United States

Dharma Savarni Manvadi (Pausa, Shukla Ekadashi) 02 January (Monday)
Brahma Savarni Manvadi (Magha, Shukla Saptami) 27 January (Friday)
Savarni Manvadi (Phalguna, Purnima) 06 March (Monday)
Rauchya Savarni Manvadi (Chaitra, Amavasya) 21 March (Tuesday)
Swayambhu Manvadi (Chaitra, Shukla Tritiya) 24 March (Friday)
Svarochisha Manvadi (Chaitra, Purnima) 05 April (Wednesday)
Vaivasvata Manvadi (Jyeshta, Purnima) 03 June (Saturday)
Chakshusha Manvadi (Ashadha, Shukla Dashami) 28 June (Wednesday)
Tamasa Manu Manvadi (Ashadha, Purnima) 03 July (Monday)
Bhauta Savarni Manvadi (Bhadrapada, Krishna Ashtami) 06 September (Wednesday)
Rudra Savarni Manvadi (Bhadrapada, Shukla Tritiya) 17 September (Sunday)
Daksha Savarni Manvadi (Ashvina, Shukla Navami) 23 October (Monday)
Raivata Manvadi (Kartika, Shukla Dwadashi) 24 November (Friday)
Uttama Manvadi (Kartika, Purnima) 26 November (Sunday)

The Essence of Manvadi

The life revolves around the Manvadi system. As per the vedic astrology, it states that one Kalpa is segmented into 14 Manvantara. According to Astrology, Kalpa is the time that has been followed since history evolved. It contains 4.32 billion solar years. Now for each of the Manvantara – there is a Tithi and is called the Manvadi Tithi. It is this tithi that is taken into account before any sacred function and Shradh rituals are organized for the souls that leave us.

List of Tithis

In the Hindu Calendar, the below mentioned Tithis are named as Manvadi and each of these are named keeping the ruling saint of Manvantara in mind.

  • Chaitra, Shukla Tritiya - Swayambhu Manvadi
  • Chaitra, Purnima - Svarochisha Manvadi
  • Kartik, Purnima - Uttama Manvadi
  • Ashadha, Purnima - Tamasa Manu Manvadi
  • Kartik, Shukla Dwadashi - Raivata Manvadi
  • Ashadha, Shukla Dashami - Chakshusha Manvadi
  • Jyeshtha, Purnima - Vaivasvata Manvadi
  • Phalguna, Purnima - Savarni Manvadi
  • Ashwin, Shukla Navami - Daksha Savarni Manvadi
  • Magha, Shukla Saptami - Brahma Savarni Manvadi
  • Pausha, Shukla Ekadashi - Dharma Savarni Manvadi
  • Bhadrapada, Shukla Tritiya - Rudra Savarni Manvadi
  • Chaitra, Amavasya - Rauchya Savarni Manvadi
  • Shravana, Krishna Ashtami - Bhauta Savarni Manvadi

Explore all the Manvadis in detail and then feel free to choose the right time to start any special day in your life.