Mars Transit in Leo Image Source: Prokerala

Mars Transit in Leo

Mars, the fighter- the swift Samurai is now going into the royal territory of Leo, with the Sun making the rules, being enthroned as the Emperor. Mars loves to be on the king's planet. And the Sun loves a wing-man carrying out his orders. Law enforcement is going to be in the limelight during this transit of the Mars in Leo. Fights, surgical strikes, military actions- all will take place under the instructions of the governance. Medical field will get a quick boost with governmental policies. New land or building laws may come into place. The judiciary will be acting as an ally of the government.

Now let’s see how the Mars transit in Leo on the 20th of May, according to Western astrology, will pan out for you.


You will get interested in trekking, zumba, kickboxing, pilates, power yoga or any other activity that makes you physically active and keeps your blood flowing. You may go to an amusement park or go for adventurous activities. You are going to go aggressive and go propose to your lover. You will spend more time with your kids. You may suffer some expenses because of your children, though. You should be careful not to break any laws. You will be more confident. If a student, you will do well in your studies during this transit of Mars in Leo.


You will have expenses related to your home. There may be times you will feel stuck at home. This is a time you may feel yourself bereft of comfort. You may have household responsibilities that may tire you out. You may think about remodelling or redecorating your house. This is an ideal time to sell off your vehicle or home. You have to do regular maintenance of the vehicle or you may have to shell out more money there. You may get married during this time. A foreign spouse is a possibility. If you are planning to settle down in a different country with family, this transit of Mars in Leo is an ideal time for it.


You will make money through aggressive communication strategies. You will work hard towards increasing your streams of income. You will get a raise in salary or bonus as a reward for your efforts. You may go in for a litigation to enforce a contract. You have to be careful about your communications and double check the documents you sign. If ambiguous about any clause, seek legal advice. You have to be careful not to jump to conclusions. You should also be careful about your posts on social media or messages. You may stand up against injustice as well during this Mars transit in Leo.


You may finally muster the courage to tell your heartfelt love to your lover. You will be a passionate lover during this time. You have to be careful with your speech though, as it may come out super aggressive. You will fare well in studies and interviews. You will speak logically at your workplace and your authority will be recognised. You may benefit from jobs that require aggressive speaking skills. You may feel that cooking is therapeutic during this transit of Mars in Leo.


You are going to get super confident now. You may do fruitful things for your parents. You will spend time exercising and running house errands. You will be very fortunate during this time as well. If you are planning to go abroad, that could happen. You may be able to start that business you had been planning to start. If you are a student, you may get attracted to fields related to medicine, architecture, agriculture or laws. This is an ideal time to plan building a house. You may get busy doing projects around the house as well.


You should be careful about your health during this transit of Mars in Leo. You will feel a general sense of malaise. You will feel diffident during this phase as well. You may have a visit to a hospital, possibly at the pretext of your sibling’s or neighbour’s health. You should be careful about your communications. You may lose some critical data that can cost you money. You may see soaring expenses in the medical area. This is a time to take things slowly and relax. You may not be able to workout as much.


You may get your life partner from your friend’s circles. You will see an increase in your income and you will make some wise investments. You may also spend money on family get-togethers with sumptuous meals. You will be attracted to non-vegetarian food more than ever. You may frequent food joints with your friends. You will enjoy conversing with your friends a lot, but you have to make sure that you do not sound aggressive in your opinions. You may have small friction hidden in your talks. You may feel extra passionate about your spouse during this transit of Mars in Leo. You may feel that your friends are patronizing you a lot!


You may put in a lot of hard work at building a career. You will be very energetic at your workplace. You may be physically exhausted being drowned in work, hence you must learn ways to chill and relax. You need to get adequate exercise as well. There may be job-related issues and you will stand up for just causes. If you are into law, agriculture, civil engineering or medicine, this is a time you will be internally motivated to work harder.


You may have some expenses related to your father. You should take good care of his health. You may undertake a pilgrimage to a place that is difficult to get to- perhaps due to distance or difficult terrain. You may feel like you are losing your cool quite often. You may love to stay at home and exercise a bit, all alone. You may feel so angry that you will feel like you are out of control. You will take up some journey, perhaps to foreign lands as well. Those who are studying will get opportunities to go abroad for their studies.


You may spend your income on the occult. Or you may get to be friends with those who practice occult. You should stay away from controversies. You may inherit a home or property. This Mars transit in Leo is also an ideal time to make money if you are into real-estate. Your expenses may increase. You may feel some lack in your home. If you are into research related fields, this will be a bright time for you.


If you had been searching for a partner for your business, you will get one during this transit of Mars in Leo. You will become extra courageous and confident during this phase. Those of you who are single may get hitched. You will fulfil your duties towards your spouse. You will communicate with your spouse more than ever and get more and more inspired with each talk. There could be small fights as well, which can be avoided. You may go on a short trip with your spouse as well.


You should be careful to avoid litigations. You should speak with caution in order to avoid any trouble. You should be careful about your health, especially your eyes and oral region. You should be careful about your father’s health as well. Make sure your insurance papers are up-to-date. You may face some difficulties going abroad. You may develop enmity with a family member as well. You may prefer staying away from your family during this transit of Mars in Leo.

Mars is Mars! It loves to fight, but only when it is right, and it will stand for promoting justice. Leo being the solar house, will act friendly to the Mars transit. So, breathe well, relax and tune into the Mars energy for energizing yourself to fight for your dreams.