Mercury Transit in Aries Image Source: Prokerala

Mercury Transit in Aries

Aries is the house of Mars and a fiery sign. Mercury's going to step into the Martian terrains on the 19th of March,2023, according to the Western astrology. The Lord of communications is getting into cut throat action. Fiery communications may ensue. Legal communications and judgements are going to get phenomenal. Negotiations and conflict management is going to be power packed now. Arbitration and negotiations are going to rev up. Truce treaties are all unimaginable. There is gonna be verbal combat big time. Lawyers will buy bigger wallets, obviously. The fight for justice will be in the highest gear. Mercury will bring in sporty actions as well. Sports magazines and channels are going to go boom! More adventure trips, biking and risk taking- mercury is quick to get us faster.

So the Zodiac signs it is-


You are going to go more daring with your communications. You will not shut up when you see something wrong. You are going to be more honest than ever. You are going to go a little faster on your vehicle, so speeding tickets will catch up with you! You cannot be more straight and daring in your approach. You will communicate without thinking, which can bring you enemies or even litigations. You will resort to verbal and spoken communications a lot. You will be fired up and you will spill it out, regardless of the consequences. This is the vibe that is going to dominate you during this transit of. Mercury in Aries. You have to be careful about your health as well. You may read your questions wrong or make wrong calculations if you are a student taking an exam.


You may lose sleep over something you told your lover during this Mercury transit in Aries. You may not realize why you are uttering unwanted unpleasant pieces left and right! You may have to bite your tongue often. Students will have difficulties concentrating on their studies. They may be more focussed on sports or peer conflicts. You may have to be careful about your health if you are carrying. You may speak in an aggressive way towards your family members, which may lead to full- on fights and hostility. You may even break up with your lover because of verbal spats. You will be extra aggressive in bed, perhaps in the fifty shades of grey way!


You are going to think and talk about the raise you deserve at workplace. You are going to become a star among your friends because of your risk taking and courageous demeanour. You are going to inspire your friends to speak out about their problems to give them proper solutions. You are going to interact more with your mother and she will give you the much needed pep talk. You will network more aggressively. Students will work harder and perform better in studies. You will make income from your house.


You will be more aggressive at your workplace during this transit of Mercury in Aries. You will be honest in your reviews and opinions conveyed to your superiors. You will get the promotion you deserve and the additional responsibilities tagged to it. You may even quit your job if you do not get the proper treatment you deserve. Your energies will be spent more at work. You may love sleep and get anxious regarding some communications that may have gone faulty. You may be negligent when doing calculations.


You will ask and get the raise you want at your workplace. You will interact more with your father. You and your family may attend spiritual discourses or gatherings. You will make friends who will benefit you in the longer run. You will buy some assets. You will communicate more with your friends and you will be inspired by them. You will talk in a straightforward and conscientious manner. You fulfil your wishes during this time. You will prefer healthy food during this time and eat a lot of greens. Your friends may inspire you to work out and eat healthily. Your father will inspire you to be more daring.


You will read a lot about occult during this time. You will have uncontrollable sexual fantasies during this transit of mercury in Aries. You may face some situations at your workplace due to a lack of certain vital communications from your end. You may even lose your job during this transit of Mercury in Aries. You will have nervous issues and fatigue during this time. You should be careful about your investments during this time. You may think about starting your own business. If you ask me, I will ask you to wait a bit. You will work more during this time and those in the research wing, especially medical research, are going to make monumental progress.


This transit of Mercury in Aries is going to give you a hard time communicating your thoughts with your spouse. You will have to spend a lot of money and energy on your spouse. You will get spiritual advice from your spouse. You will make some contracts with new partners. You should choose your partners In business wisely. You should convey the terms of the contract in a precise manner. Your spouse may travel abroad or go on a pilgrimage. You may go for higher studies during this phase.


Mercury's transit in Aries is going to bring you litigations. You should be careful about your health as well. There could be a friend you should be careful about as the person may be a 'snake in the grass'. You may exhaust all your energies in sex and get fatigued all the time. If you are into the medical profession, you are going to make good money and reputation through your hard work. You will network the wrong circles, which may cost you your money and energy. If into the research industry, you may make some wrong calculations or come to wrong conclusions. Hence, it would be prudent to recheck the facts every step in the way.


This transit of Mercury in Aries is going to bring you sudden marriage. Your love affair will get you into a wedlock soon. You can broach the topic anytime now and you will get hitched without a hitch! You will be extra creative during this time. You may make a career out of your talent. You may get into publishing or content creation during this time. You will get into a job easily. Your workplace communications will be a spot on. Your literary works will see the light of day during this transit of Mercury. Students will do good during this time.


You may have to be careful in communicating with your mother and uncles. You may have to face a legal situation with regard to your real estate. You will have to be careful about your mother's health and be guarded against any accidents. You should be careful about your driving skills as well. You could have a hairline escape from over-speeding accidents. Your father may give you the right advice. You may spend more time reading about spirituality at home. Spirituality will give you peace of mind.


You should be extra careful while signing documents during this transit of Mercury in Aries. You should read any document that has some significance twice. You should think twice before you send any communication, especially those which contain vital information. You may lose your mobile phone. You may communicate more with your lover during this time. Students will fare well in exams. Those in the research division will be all ready to go submit their findings in a thesis. Your creativity will find its expression in your writing. Your artistic talents will come to light. You may face losses due to certain communications. There could be legal communications that will be made during this time, especially regarding children. You may get an inheritance through a document.


The transit of mercury in Aries is going to get you married. You may bring your spouse home. You will have a pleasant time with your family members, talking and being lost in merriments. Your spouse will make you eat a lot of greens. Your family will switch to healthy eating, including a lot of fruits and greens in your diet. You will get peace of mind after interacting with your family members. You will make new partnerships which will bring you income. You will buy fixed assets in your family’s name. You may buy a new vehicle or land.

Mercury is going to be laser-sharp in the house of Mars. Are you ready to take the mission further ahead for the better?