Mercury Transit in Pisces Image Source: Prokerala

Mercury Transit (Budh Gochar) in Pisces (Meen Rasi)

Mercury, the winged messenger of Gods is going to visit the water sign of Pisces, which is also notorious as a house of debilitation for Mercury. Mercury denotes business, intellect, business communication, articulation, calculation, arguments, quick wit, humor sense, chit- chat, swiftness, publication, writing- all earthly wisdom one must acquire to be street smart! But when Mercury gets to Pisces, the dreamy intuitive sign, the Mercury changes its demeanour and turns reticent and vague.

The transit of Mercury in Pisces is going to happen on the 16th of March,2023 according to Vedic astrology. Let us have a glimpse of how it is going to impact each zodiac sign.

Aries (Mesh Rasi)

The transit of Mercury in Pisces is happening in your twelfth house. Mercury, which is the lord of the third and sixth houses, is going to bring you nervous issues. You may feel that you are lacking the confidence to speak. You may have to make unnecessary trips. You will bring in a lot of nervous energy and ambiguity into your conversations. You will make enemies by acting recklessly. You should not initiate any litigation during this phase. You should take the advice of others with regard to your health and finances. You may feel fatigued and find your communications less precise. Those in the media and publishing industry must double edit their works. You may find it difficult to get proper shut eyes. You may have to work harder if you are a student taking competitive examinations.

Taurus (Vrishab Rasi)

The lord of the second and fifth is going to transit the eleventh house during this Mercury Transit in Pisces. You are going to make money with your talk, but you must make sure that you are not obscuring your communications with too many ideas. Make sure you plan your speech beforehand. Your children may get scholarships for their studies. You will create confusion in your lover’s mind.You should convey your romantic intentions in the proper way. You may feel that you are full of ideas and creativity which you may not be able to bring out to the public. You may want to monetize your skills and talents, but you may feel under confident and may miss out on some details regarding its perfect completion.

Gemini (Mithun Rasi)

The lord of the first and fourth houses is going to grace your tenth house with this transit of Mercury in Pisces. You may feel exhausted mentally at your job front. You may not be able to give instructions or take them as they are because of lack of attentiveness. You may feel distracted at the workplace. You may have to juggle both home errands and jobs simultaneously, which you will find to be quite a big deal. You may feel that your thoughts are foggy. Beware of miscalculations and miscommunications at work. Your mother may be able to give you some good insights. You may have to do maintenance of your vehicle and house. You may do well in the real estate deals as well. But you should convey the ideas succinctly in order to avoid confusions at the last minute.

Cancer (Karka Rasi)

The lord of the twelfth and third houses is going to grace your ninth house during this transit of Mercury in Pisces. You should be careful about your father's health. You should communicate properly or it will create confusions. You may do some short distance pilgrimages. You will spot the mistakes in communications or calculations at the last moment, multiple times. You may feel fortunate. You may be able to go abroad, but there could be minor issues with documentations. You will do well if you are a student and you will be able to get into foreign universities. Business men should not take chances and take expert advice while investing.

Leo (Simha Rasi)

The lord of the eleventh and second is going to transit the eighth house with the transit of Mercury in Pisces. You may find obstacles in your inflow of money. You may have to think twice before speaking or it may bring in some losses. You may stop being on good terms with your family members due to rash and careless communications. Make sure you do not gossip around. You may get neck sprains or aches, hence do correct your posture while sleeping and sitting. You may talk about the occult in a confusing manner. You may lose a friend due to faulty communication. You may make some investments into your business. Get advice if you intend investing in family business.

Virgo (Kanya Rasi)

The lord of the first and tenth is going to sit in the seventh house with this transit of Mercury in Pisces. You may have to fulfil your duties towards your wife, which you may find tedious enough. You will think a lot about your spouse and why you both are not able to have meaningful communications? You may get into new business partnerships with people in a hasty way, which you should be careful about. You may think about getting married, if single, but you may be quite unsure about a lot of things. You should let someone else do the marriage talks lest it should be confusing. You will get confused in your communications, especially with your partners, including business partners, which may create troubles for you.

Libra (Tula Rasi)

The lord of the twelfth and ninth houses is going to get into the sixth house during this transit of Mercury in Pisces. You may incur losses in litigations and court cases. You will have to be careful in your communications with your father or there could be disputes or misunderstandings. You will put your energies into hard work. If you have planned a trip abroad during this time, there could be objections. You may have to take care of your health and do regular check-ups. Make sure that you have a health insurance and ensure that it is up-to-date.

Scorpio (Vrishchik Rasi)

The lord of the eighth and eleventh houses is going to grace your fifth house during this Mercury Transit in Pisces. You may be distracted if you are a student. You may feel like leaving your studies halfway. If in the family way, take good care of yourself. You will spend most of your time with friends. You may feel less creative during this time. You may feel not so confident during this time. Your children may not do well in their studies during this phase and they require some professional attention. You may have to face a break up due to misunderstandings or miscommunications.

Sagittarius (Dhanus Rasi)

The lord of the seventh and tenth houses is going to grace the fourth house during this transit of Mercury in Pisces. Your spouse may object to you buying a vehicle. You may have to deal with additional workload and take work home. You may not be able to do work from home efficiently. Students may not be able to do hard work. You will collaborate with your wife in household affairs but may have a lack of mutual understanding in many matters. You will have to help your mother out in different situations. You may start some home projects which you will not be able to finish.

Capricorn (Makara Rasi)

The lord of the sixth and ninth houses is gracing the third house during this transit of Mercury in Pisces. You may end up in litigations through your communications, so be warned! You have to be careful about signing any contracts as well. You will have restricted communications with your father. You should be careful about your communications with your superiors. You should be careful while driving, as your alertness levels might be dipped. You may communicate a lot about spirituality and religion. You may write examinations for getting into higher studies, which you should work hard for!

Aquarius (Kumbh Rasi)

The lord of the fifth and eighth houses is going to get into your second house during this Mercury transit in Pisces. You may want to introduce your lover to your family, but it may not go as planned. You should try your best to avoid misunderstandings. You may lose money on occult practices or misleading spiritual practices. You may part with your fixed asset in a hasty way without thinking twice. You should communicate properly with your family members to avoid misunderstandings. You may communicate lots with your children. You should make sure that they are meaningful and up to the point. You should speak carefully to your loved one and avoid confusing statements.

Pisces (Meen Rasi)

The lord of the fourth and seventh house is sitting in the first house during this transit of Mercury in Pisces. You may worry about a misunderstanding with your mother, which you could not clear. You may not get much time to communicate with your spouse. You may feel stifled in your house. You may prefer sitting alone and pondering over things. You may make some partnerships in a haste. You may also think about getting married without much forethought, which you may regret later on. You may feel isolated and not understood properly by your spouse.

Remedial Measures

We should follow the remedies to correct a not so excellent reading, with belief and good conscience for maximum results. You can fast on Wednesdays and pray to Lord Krishna for making your Mercury better. You can donate green colored articles, like fruits, clothes, etc. You should treat the members of the third gender with respect. You should also limit your talking and start reading spiritual books as a remedy to tackle debilitated Mercury.

Hope the transit of Mercury will be as swift as the planet itself! Stay calm and enjoy the nature while Mercury does its job! Cheers!!