Mercury Transit in Pisces Image Source: Prokerala

Mercury Transit in Pisces

Pisces is expansive and intuitive a sign which belongs to the planet Jupiter. Mercury is the planet whose influence is cerebral and it rules over our business acumen, communications, swiftness, humor and knowledge. Mercury in an expansive water sign like Pisces, tends to make it hyper imaginative and intuitive. People in business and professions that require swiftness in decision like stocks, trading, driving, adventure sports etc. will benefit from a strong Mercury. But Mercury in Pisces can make one overconfident and overlook some details which may be vital in the bigger picture. It may also cause miscommunications which may have repercussions. It is a general advice to all to think twice before signing any document.

Zodiac sign-wise, here is how it will pan out-


Mercury is the going to your twelfth house of isolation in this transit of Mercury in Pisces .As the lord of the third and sixth houses, It may bring you lack of confidence in communicating your ideas. You should be extra careful about your speech as it may bring you some serious losses. You may have nervous problems or nervousness in general. You will anyways have the confidence to face any situation. You should take good care of your health and sleeping patterns.


Mercury is going to its eleventh house during this transit of Mercury in Pisces. The lord of the second transiting the eleventh is not so great when it comes to investments. Do take care of your savings. You may experience problems with speech and you could say out things which are unnecessary, and that will bring you trouble. You may face criticisms for expressing certain opinions and could ruin some relationships, hence please be wary of your speech. But the aspect on the fifth house will help students gain more mastery over languages. If married and attempting to have a child, this is the ripe time. You may hook up with someone from the friend's circle.


The lord of the first and fourth houses is transiting the tenth house of profession during this transit of Mercury in Pisces. This is a time you would criticise yourself for putting too much energy into your work. You will have to strike a balance between work and personal life. You will work hard without giving any importance to your personal and family life. You will also have issues with self confidence during this time. Your domestic space will be filled with love and happiness. You may buy a new vehicle. You will get the extra support and care from your mother. You will enjoy the support of your family.


The lord of the twelfth and third is transiting the ninth house of father, long distance travels and spirituality. This time sure calls for disappointment in not being able to travel as per the plans. You may have to be careful about the health of your father. You may feel disconnected from religion and spirituality during this transit of Mercury in Pisces. You may have to regret certain past actions as the skeletons from the past may show up now. Nevertheless you may get the full support of your siblings. You will be more courageous and enterprising during this phase.


The transit of Mercury in the eight house of losses and mystery is not that great for the Leos. The lord of the eleventh transiting the eighth may make you regret some prevent investments. You may find out that one of your friends is/ was a backstabber. This may not be a right time to invest but your savings would be intact during this phase. You will experience a renewed and fresh flow of ideas, making your speech more attractive. The lord of the second transiting the eighth may bring some much needed expenses towards the wellbeing of the family.


The tenth and ascendant lord is transiting the seventh house during this transit of Mercury in Pisces. This is not a favourable time for partnerships. You should be careful while dealing with the business partners. You should be careful in your communications with your spouse as well. You may experience miscommunications and misunderstandings between you both. But you will have the good wisdom and diplomacy to deal with it in a proper way. You should communicate openly and cautiously with your partner in the professional and personal front. That will save you some serious trouble.


The lord of the twelfth and ninth is transiting your sixth house, which indicates that you should give some serious care to your pops. Your father may suffer I'll health during this transit of Mercury in Pisces. You could make new enemies due to your communications. Hence bite your tongue as and when it is necessary. Take due care when communicating with your superiors as well. You should keep your character clean during this phase.


Mercury ruling the eleventh and eighth house is transiting your fifth house. This may cause problems in your love affair, if you have any. There are bound to be misunderstandings and break ups. You may also feel compelled to do some investments due to the lucrative offers given. But please be warned that they may have some hidden print which you may not read, leading to losses. Students may find this time tough and full of anxiety. They may have documentation troubles and problems with communications. But you will have a push to socialize and you will be quite a social butterfly during this transit of Mercury in Pisces. You will communicate more with your friends.


The lord of the seventh and tenth houses is transiting the fourth house. It is all chilling time for you. But you may face lack of communication with your wife. You may not feel understood, hence left out. There will be a mother versus wife situation. You may have to do the right rope walk! Make sure you are diplomatic. You may not feel that the home environment is peaceful. There could be arguments. But you will do well in your job front. You may feel a little insecure about your job, but you will work smart and make a mark.


The lord of the sixth and the ninth transits the third house with this transit of Mercury in Pisces. The lord of the sixth will bring problems in communications. You should be careful about what you place in the social media. Do stay away from caustic remarks. Your superiors will be supportive of you but you may make some communications that may go against you. You should also take care of your gadgets as you may damage it during this phase.


The lord of fifth and eight houses is transiting the second house. You may face some health issues especially related to your throat. You may incur some losses in speculative businesses. You may face problems in communications which may result in discord in family relationships. What you said could be misinterpreted. You may have issues with investments as well. Do get proper guidance before stepping into investments. If into research, you will find this time ideal for it.


The lord of fourth and seventh houses in the first house during this transit of Mercury in Pisces will make you go through stress due to domestic problems. Single, who are ready to mingle, may get good proposals coming your way. You may find that your spouse and mother are not getting along well. You may have problems with your business partners due to miscommunications.

Hope things will be mercurial to your advantage! Cheers!