Mercury Transit in Taurus Image Source: Prokerala

Mercury Transit in Taurus

Mercury who rules over communications, swiftness, business acumen, calculations, logic, and smartness is now going to tread the earth sign of Taurus which is the house of the Goddess of romance and luxuries, on the third of April, 2023, according to the Western Astrology. Verbal communications will take a romantic stance. Luxury vehicles, beauty and fashion industry; and lifestyle magazines are going to be the shining stars everyone will be talking about. Books and publications that help people get into romance and luxuries will become more popular. People are going to read more about love, sex and money making skills. A great level of efforts will be put in by the collective consciousness to bring about a studied approach towards relationships. Media, especially YouTube, will see a sea of relationship and lifestyle related content. There will be more romantic communications globally.

Let us see what is in hold for each one of us now!


Your communications skills will improve drastically. You may make enemies with your way of speaking, though. You may be accused of flirting, which you should be careful about. Your family name could be ruined by scandals and controversies. Your enemies may speak ill about you. You will communicate with your siblings a lot. Your enemies may ruin the peace of mind of your family. You may do something detrimental to your assets. There may be backstabbers inside your family as well. You may go on short trips with your family.


You will be filled with amorous thoughts, and you will speak in an enchanting manner. You will keep thinking about a softer way to convey things. You will find the love of your life now. You will spend time on entertainments and with children. You will be more studious if you are a student. Studies will come naturally to you. You will be at your creative best. If you have not found your creative passion or hobbies as yet, this is the time to pry into the deeper recesses of your mind.


You will feel diffident about your thoughts during this transit of Mercury in Taurus. Your mother’s health will be a matter of concern. If you are planning to go abroad and settle, this time is ideal. You may sell off your property or house during this time. Your vehicle may cause you financial losses. You may spend money on yourself. You may lose control over thinking and the overthinking may cause you nervous fatigue. You may have to discuss with others when you have to make major decisions.


You will communicate a lot with your friends during this transit of Mercury in Taurus.Your friends and networks will not support you in your financial ambitions. There could be blocks in your inflow of money. Your siblings may help you with your money flow. They will help you achieve your dreams. Your communications will give you a source of income. If you are a resume writer, academic writer, business analyst in any newspaper or tabloid- you are going to make your buck now. You will be well known and respected in your circles as well. Your friends may cost you some money. You may visit a friend in a foreign land.


Your reputation in your career of choice will increase multifold. You will gain fixed assets in the go. You will make a lot of acquaintances who will help you climb your career ladder. If you are into publishing, business, lifestyle writing, vlogger, astrology- you are going to make money rain on you. You will make work related friendships. An after work catching up at a pizza joint or beer parlor can make a hell of a lot of difference in your workplace dynamics. You will feel dutiful towards your friends. Your superiors will be very friendly towards you. Your image in your workplace will be good. You will have a cosy workplace and enjoyable workplace chemistry.


You will enjoy serendipity in all your pursuits during this transit of Mercury in Taurus. You will get your dream job if searching for one. You will get physically more attractive and healthier. You will witness success at your workplace with a promotion or pay hike. Your life will become easier. You will read a lot of spiritual books and scriptures and reflect on them. You will be involved with your father even more. You may visit a place of worship on a pilgrimage. You may go travel to faraway places as a part of your job. You may go abroad for higher studies as well.


You may get involved in controversies and scandals during this transit of Mercury in Taurus. You may be interested in occult and you may trade in spirituality for occult. You may study and practice tantrik sex and such esoteric sexual practices. You may spend a lot of your energy on fulfilling your sexual fantasies. You should be careful about your health as well. You have a propensity to contract sexually transmitted diseases.


You may end up marrying your friend or someone you know. You will get some good partnerships in business. You should think carefully before making any financial investments. Your spouse may bring you some losses. You should be careful while communicating with your spouse. You should be careful not to overspend on your spouse’s behalf.


You should be careful while communicating with your spouse lest it should end up in litigations. You may have verbal spats with your spouse during this transit of Mercury in Taurus. You may experience problems at the workplace due to your enemies. You should be careful about any miscalculations during work. You may even lose your job if you are not careful and diplomatic enough. You should be careful of your spouse’s health condition as well.


You should remain physically active and be careful about lifestyle related diseases during this transit of Mercury in Taurus. Your lover may turn into your enemy if you are not cautious and diplomatic. Your father will give you mental support and advice. You will be more inclined towards spirituality than ever. Your superiors will be supportive of you and appreciative of your creativity.


You should be careful about your mother’s health. You may bring your lover home. You will enjoy all the comforts of your home. You may buy a new apartment or a house. You may inherit some property during this transit of Mercury in Taurus. You may buy a luxury car or bike during this period. You may be more interested in Feng Shui or the Indian vaasthu during this time. You will set up an entertainment centre in your house. You will spend more time at home engrossed in creative pursuits.


You will muster the courage to propose to your loved one. This transit of Mercury in Taurus is great for broaching marriage related plans. You will communicate with your spouse more. You will find comfort in communicating with others. You may write a book or partner with someone who will bring you popularity. You may travel a lot with your spouse. You will have a lot of memorable conversations and trips in your romantic diary this month.

Let Mercury bring the romantic Taurus some practicality for a change. After all, die hard romantics are appreciated only when they come with a little common sense. Mercury will do that to Taurus! May you have a pleasant joyride with Mercury in the Taurus dominion of Venus.