Mercury Transit

Mercury is the planet of communication, and its transit through the zodiac signs affects the way we communicate with others. Mercury indicates our intelligence, mental attitudes and how we think and how we express ourselves. Mercury's transit in a sign may vary from as few as 14 days and as many as 60 days when the planet goes retrograde in some signs.

What zodiac sign is Mercury transiting now?

Mercury entered the Aries zodiac yesterday at 12:24 AM

Right now, Mercury is in Aries. Mercury ends its transit on April 03, 2023 After 15 days of transit in Aries, Mercury will enter the zodiac sign Taurus on April 03, 2023.

Mercury retrogrades in Taurus zodiac on on April 21, and will continue its backward movement till May 14, 2023.

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Mercury Transits 2023

Given below is the accurate date and timing of Mercury transits during the year 2023. Enter your exact location →  Change location. Showing Mercury transits in March 2023. Swipe to choose other months to view transit in 2023.

In 2023, the planet Mercury transits and changes sign thirteen times. Mercury also goes retrograde three times during the year.

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