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Aries horoscope March, 2021

This month is a great time to start new things and embark on new learning. Mars moves to your 3rd house this month, and this will bring in many new opportunities for learning and communicating. Mars in the 3rd house promises a lot of activities, and you might keep busy during this month. There are possibilities of buying and selling things, and this is a good time to engage in networking as well. You may be interested in helping out others, and knowing and learning new things from other people. If you were planning to start a new learning course, this is a great time to take the leap and your new learning and knowledge will help you in the coming time.

While you will keep busy through this month, a conjunction of several planets in the 12th house will also necessitate a break from the routine. There will be times when you will feel exhausted and drained out and you may yearn to escape, and this is not a bad thing to do. Your moments of solitude now will help you move out of the difficult situations that you might face in March. It is advisable to leave behind whatever troubles you and rest for a while, and that will prepare you for the good time that is about to come.

The Sun and Venus align in the 1st house in the last week, and this will help you grow your personality and influence. You will work on your manners and attitude and come across as a pleasant person to everyone around you. This will also put love and romance into focus, and you will give your loved ones a lot of attention and priority. However, ensure that you too receive the same affection from people around you, and don’t end up only giving.

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