Aries horoscope for May with detailed transit reports and predictions.

Your Month Ahead

During the second week of this month, Mercury will be entering the sector for money, self-worth, family, speech and material assets. This sector will be highly triggered throughput this month because of a huge planetary influence. The new moon and the Sun will also be influencing this sector. In short, your finance sector will get highly triggered. You may surely have complexities regarding finances. This is a good time as well. You will be looking for new partnership projects. A lot of multi-tasking can come up. All your effort will be to enhance your career and finance sectors. There will be one to one discussions in this regard. You will be spending a lot on yourself as well. There will be new part-time projects. Your career sector will be highlighted and you may get additional projects.

During the second week, Mars will make a crucial move into the sector for collective projects, group efforts, long-term associations, children, and profits. This is also the sector for scientific and technical communication. You will have new long-term ventures. People may ask for new alliances with you. You may display a very aggressive behavior and this should not ruin your opportunities. Projects from scientific and technical communication-related domains can come up. They will be complex and you must go an extra mile finishing all that. New personal relationships also can come up. Group projects, brainstorming sessions, new long-term projects and busy days are waiting for you.

Venus will move into its favorite sign Cancer and it will trigger your personal and family life. You will find happiness and celebrations at home. Real estate deals and furnishing can come up. Elderly female figures will be active with you. Your relative will come for a short visit. Family functions, and traveling from home also is seen. Relocation plans and beautifying your house also can happen.

From the last week onwards there will be a lot of traveling, working with hands, communication-related jobs, active interaction with siblings and studies. You will come out as a multi-tasker.

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