Aries horoscope for November with detailed transit reports and predictions.

Your Month Ahead

During the first week the new moon will trigger the sector for finances and partnerships. New moon indicates new beginnings, so you will have new financial commitments. You may get financial aid from someone or you may try to help someone. There will be a focus on partnerships from the personal and professional domain. You have to be careful in these relationships. Your focus will be scattered in various financial arrangements as well. Venus, the planet of love, luxury and money was retrograding until now right over the sector for spouse, marriage, agreements, contracts and open enemies. So, you were feeling some depression in love and marriage, but now you will see the progression. Venus will turn direct during the second half and it will reflect in your life on a positive note. You may get into new a relationship. Progression will be reflecting in business relationships as well.

According to tropical astrology, Jupiter, the greatest benefic in the zodiac will be jumping into its own sign Sagittarius and it will trigger the matters of your 9th house. It deals with foreign travels, foreign relations, higher studies, teaching, publishing, spirituality, and philosophy. You may travel a long distance to enjoy the aesthetic beauty. Foreign collaborations, opportunities for studies, writing, publishing, and teaching is also seen. You will be busy with spiritual retreats. The matters of this sector will be of high importance during this month.

During the second week, Mars will move into the sector for emotional self and hidden fears. You must stay away from all what burdens you. You must take care of your peace and happiness. This is a time to get spiritually inclined. You may go for healing or therapy. Opportunities for long travels also can come up.

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