Aries horoscope for April with detailed transit reports and predictions.

Your Month Ahead

Until 16th, Mercury, the planet of communication, technology, media, and siblings will be moving in a slowdown mode. This move will trigger the sector for personal life and health. You may have to conduct an analysis of your personal life. You may have to take care of health. Try to be focused on your duties. Otherwise, you may miss some important duties. Please take care of your communications. You will try to improve your personality as well. After when Mercury starts its direct mode, you will see progress in your life.

Mars is triggering the sector for career and bosses. You have bright opportunities at work and you should make use of these opportunities wisely. Mars is in a full force and use this energy to bring productivity to work. You will search for new roles. There can be a kind of unhappiness regarding various matters, please don’t that reflect your work. Please be patient with your colleagues and bosses. They may give you more work.

A powerful new moon will trigger the sector for your personal life and relationships. New moon indicates new beginnings. This is a good time to focus more on health and relationships. At work front also, you will have new beginnings.

On the 20th the Sun will move into the sector for finances, wealth and self-worth. You may get expensive objects. You may look for new projects also. Please try to save as much as you can. During the last week, Venus will move into the sector for short trips, short courses, training, siblings, media, technology, electronics, and writing. This will be a time for multi-tasking. You will have a lot of communication and related activities. Relationship with siblings will be very prominent.

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