Leo horoscope for January with detailed transit reports and predictions.

Your Month Ahead

Mars is moving through the sector for foreign travels, foreign relations, higher studies, teaching, publishing, spirituality, and philosophy. This house will be very active throughout the month. You will try to go for a long or international trip. This can be for the sake of your career as well. You can have a critical attitude towards spirituality and religion. Opportunities for writing and publishing can also come. You may interact with an international community. You will even try to study mystical sciences. The sector for creative projects and romance is also active during this time. You will try to get a creative project. Those who work in the arts and entertainment sector will be very active. There are chances for social gatherings and entertainment programs.

Three planets are triggering the sector for work, colleagues, health, debts, responsibilities, and pets. This is a very crucial time for your work and health. You will have serious conversations with your colleagues. You may even try to complete an existing project. You will think about a new project or a new job. This full moon will trigger the health-related matters as well. You are thinking about improving your health. You will try to adopt a new health program or a diet. Some of you will spend time with your pets as well

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