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Leo horoscope February, 2020

Venus is moving through the 9th house of foreign travels, foreign relations, higher studies, teaching, publishing, spirituality, and philosophy. Foreign travels and interactions with the international community are also seen. You will have spiritual retreats. Likeness for spiritual debates is also seen. This is a time where you get higher visions. There will be an attraction for higher studies. Opportunities for studies, teaching, and writing also can come up. Pilgrimages also can come up. You may find people who can increase your happiness. You may meet them during your long journeys. Until then you have a lot of opportunities to enjoy foreign travel, enjoy the foreign cuisine and learn occult sciences.

The full moon will bring some completions in your personal and professional life. There can be endings in personal or professional life. Whenever any planet moves through the 1st house you may get physical distresses. It can be cold or a headache. That will go away when the planet moves out of this house. You will try to improve your health and vitality. New people can come into your life. There will be visible changes in existing relationships. You will get opportunities to impress others. Those who are going for interviews or debates should prepare well to use this time productively. You will try to find new ideas for your future.

Mercury will be slowing down this month and that will impact partnerships and finances. You will be meeting with your old partners or you may think about them more than usual. There can be multiple challenges arising from existing personal or professional relationships. Try to be listening than airing your opinion. This is not the right time to talk as Mercury is the planet of communication and logical thinking.

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