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Sagittarius horoscope March, 2021

As Mars moves into the sector for relationships this month, you will put your energy and efforts into your relationships, whether at home or work. Mars is the planet for energy, and it helps you direct your focus and make things work, even at places where you have been struggling. If you had hit a rough patch with your co-worker or your spouse, this is the right time to take up the matter rather than sitting on it. You will put in the effort to get things going, as Mars will not let you be stagnant now. It will help you progress and grow in the important relationships in your life.

As the Sun, Mercury, and Venus are in the 4th house, the family and home sector assume importance. It is a good time to communicate and engage with your family members. You will find greater comfort at home, and if you have some issues with a family member, it is a good time to talk and resolve them. You can also plan a renovation at your house, or make some changes in your space. Some may also shift to a new house, or purchase a new residential property.

When the Sun and Venus move to the 5th house in the last week of March, you are promised great opportunities in love and romance. Venus, the planet of love is in the sector of love and romance, so you may meet someone new who will become important in your life. Those who are committed might take their relationship to the next level as well. This is also a very good opportunity for creativity and engaging your creative faculties to get the best of this transit. With the full moon in the 11th house, new associations, mostly professional, are very likely.

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