Sagittarius horoscope for October with detailed transit reports and predictions.

Your Month Ahead

Venus, the planet for love and money will start its slowdown from this week onwards. This indicates certain complexities. These complexities can be due to your personal and emotional problems. You may have to be cautious about your health. This is not a great time to move on your own. Stay away from all scandalous relationships. Otherwise, they may bring some long lasting issues. You may feel like being alone and there is nothing wrong in that. So, you should be very watchful of your emotions. You may meet with people from your past. At work, you may have few creative projects. There will be some delay in that as well. Try to be cordial with your colleagues.

The new moon will trigger the sector for collective projects, group efforts, long term associations, children and profits. This indicates new beginnings. These beginnings can come from long term relationships. You may try to join new groups. Projects from scientific and technical communication related domain also can come up. Creative projects and social gatherings are also seen. You may try to find new projects which involve group. Charity programs also can come up. New team members may join you. Mercury will move into the sector for emotional self during the second week. Then onwards you may get involved into research and studies.

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