Sagittarius horoscope for April with detailed transit reports and predictions.

Your Month Ahead

Mercury is in a slow down mode from the month of March and it will continue its slow down mode until April 16th. This move will trigger the sector for creative projects, romance, kids and speculative businesses.

Since Mercury indicates speech and intelligence, you must be careful during this phase to speak good things. Please don’t make assumptions, which can bring disunity in the team activities. You may have to go an extra mile in completing your creative projects. You may take up new hobbies as well. Please don’t take hasty decisions in romantic relationships. You may work with youth groups as well.

Mars will be staying in the sector for finances, self-worth, money, and speech. This planet will be in this house for the entire month. It is showing the importance of financial management. You are looking for part-time projects and this is a good opportunity to complete your existing projects. You must control your expenses as well. Please try to focus on a career as well. You may get additional work.

The Sun will stay in the sector for health, work and colleague during this month. You will have to work hard as your work sector will be producing a kind of complexity. It can be related to your work or relationship with colleagues. Please be careful with your deeds and speech. Your health and financial liabilities also will be in focus. Venus will move into the sector for professional and personal relationships during the last week of the month. From then onwards your focus will be shifting to relationships from the personal and professional domain. You may start new relationships from both the domains.

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