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Sagittarius horoscope June, 2019

Your focus will be on your personal and professional relationships during this month. There will be multiple planetary influences in these matters. So, you will be looking for new relationships.

New people may come into your life. There can be some changes in the existing relationships as well. There can become complexities in the relationships, so naturally, some arguments are also expected. You have to really be careful with new relationships. Especially when you give promises and commitments.

Business contracts and deals can also come up. Long trips and job-related discussions also can come up during this phase.

Mars and Mercury will be triggering the finances and partnerships. This is a complex transit and you have to take care of your finances. This is not a great time for complicated financial deals.

You may try for lending or borrowing. This is a very crucial time for your finances. You may have some financial urgencies. Plans for financial aid is also seen. This is an important time to settle your financial issues.

You and your spouse will have important discussions. This is not a time for arguments. Please try to be patient and calm. Most of the arguments can come regarding your finances.

Venusian influence is still triggering your work sector. Creative projects are there, and you are spending a lot of energy on that. You will have to look at the chances to find a new project.

Your colleagues will be looking for more cooperation.

There may be some health issues and you may take up a new health care program. Mercury will start influencing your literary skills from the last days of the month.

This will give you some opportunities for writing and publishing. You will be interested in foreign travels. Projects with foreign collaborations can also come up.

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