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Monthly Virgo Horoscope

Virgo horoscope March, 2023

The good news of March is Mars will be ending its transit through Gemini during this week. Until the third week, Mars will stay in Gemini, and the universe will give you more opportunities to be effective at work. Virgos will have a lot of determination and they will be focused at work. Unemployed Virgos will get some more days to be lucky by getting a new job. By the end of the third week, Mars will plunge into Cancer, which is its debilitation sign, and that can be a bit challenging for their friendships and collective projects. There is nothing wrong with being subservient to learning from others.

The Sun will be in the seventh house for the first two weeks. You will improve your business relationships, or the bond with your colleagues will strengthen. The Sun and Venus are not good together, so you must sit back and listen to the opposite party. You may meet someone new or decide to take your existing relationship to the next level. This is a good time for budding romances for singles, and they should not hesitate to acknowledge others.

In the last week of this month, the Sun and Venus move to your eighth house, showing the need to handle your finances carefully. The Sun and Venus will bring mixed vibes regarding money matters. You will gain, and you have to spend also. This is an excellent time to reach out for loans, and you might get one, but you need to consider whether you need a loan first. You may also want to make a new investment, start new insurance, and gain from a previous investment. The eighth house indicates occult studies, and you will be interested in learning various occult sciences. You are going through a transformation, and you should not block it.

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