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Virgo horoscope March, 2021

Mars moves to your 10th house and activates your career sector. This is a very good time for progress as you have a lot of energy now and you put that energy into your work and career. You have the will and determination to achieve great things. You are willing to work hard and prove to others that you are capable of big things. Some might also become aggressive with all the energy, but when you channel it to the right place, it is a great time and opportunity to rise higher.

Several planets in the 7th house also bring your important relationships under focus. You will have an improvement in your business relationships or the bond with your colleagues will strengthen. As Venus is also in this sector, there are chances of love and romance. You may meet someone new, or you might decide to take your existing relationship to the next level. This is a very good time for budding new romances and some might even find their soul mates now.

In the last week of this month, the Sun and Venus move to your 8th house, and it is indicative of improvement in your finances and income. You will get a lot many opportunities to make improvements in your finances and raise money for some important projects as well. This is a good time to reach out for loans, and you might get one. You may also want to make a new investment or start new insurance and even gain from a previous investment. The full Moon this month happens in your 2nd house, which is again the sector for finances, so your transactions might see a boost. It brings into focus everything that you hold valuable and can also lead to an increase in wealth this month.

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