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Virgo horoscope February, 2020

Venusian transit over the house of finances and partnerships indicate a problem-solving. The primary focus is on your peace and happiness, which is surely not in a safe mode. Financial instability can come up. You may even try to take a loan or make some parallel arrangements. Your partners can have some concerns. You may try to settle financial disputes. There will be lending and borrowing and you should not overdo it. This is a good time to settle the emotional issues between the partners. Venus indicates diplomacy and problem-solving. You will be trying some healing practices as well.

The full moon will rise in the sector for hidden fears, emotions, psyche, isolation, seclusion; long-distance travel spirituality and charity. This house represents your subconscious mind. Please take your time to understand the situation. Interest in prayer and meditation is seen. You may try to travel long distances. Foreign settlement-related issues may also surface. This house also shows losses, so financial concerns can come up. Please make sufficient arrangements to overcome your financial struggles. Cut off your expenses. This is a good time to solve your emotional issues

Mercury will be slowing down through the house of work as well as relationships. You should not take any risk in both matters. There will be some kind of hurdles coming up from your work as well as relationships. Don’t try to change anyone forcefully. At work, you should take care of your projects and there are chances for mistakes. There will be some discussions with colleagues. This is not the right time to take up a new job offer. You should not risk your present job at least until March. Please have clarity in the communication otherwise, your actions may get misinterpreted.

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