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Virgo horoscope July, 2019

Your ruler Mercury will be operating in a reverse manner doing this month, so you may also have to be a little slow. That is ok for the time being because; the universe is asking you to for a retrospect. There will be a lot of rework during this month, so be ready to go an extra mile. The long term relationships also will be under scanner as an intense solar eclipse will impact the long term relationships and finances as well. You need a great amount of energy as this month is challenging and that is not only for Virgo but for all.

The first event during this month is a powerful solar eclipse in the sector for friendships, long-term relations, and partnerships. It indicates new beginnings. If you have to start something, then obviously you will have to spend a lot of energy on it. Opportunities to get into a new team are seen. Obviously, there can be arguments in teamwork. You are looking for long term projects from international organizations. Projects from scientific and technical communication can also come up. This is the time to work for improvement in the existing relationships. There are chances for creative projects and working for young groups are also seen.

You will have to take a step backward from the last day of the first week of this month onwards. Mercury, your ruler will be in a complex mode and well triggered by fast planet Mars. You need to be very careful regarding your speech. Virgos are very analytical in their approach, but during this month, you may feel a dip in your analytical power, so take some time to take a decision. You may find some difficulty in decision making. However, this is a good time to take a lot of rest as it triggers the space for sleep as well. This is an ideal time for meditation and prayer.

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