Virgo horoscope for March with detailed transit reports and predictions.

Your Month Ahead

Venus is will enter the sector for work, colleagues, and health during this week. This indicates freshness at work. You may get new colleagues or new changes at work. It can be a new project as well. This is a good time to improve your relationship with your colleagues. There may be some changes in the physical environment of the workplace. Health also can be the main concern. You may take up a new health program as well.

Mercury will start it’s slow down through the sector for personal and professional relationships. You will have to be careful with what you communicate in the official capacity. Mercury is speech and when it moves in a slow down mode, you may have some challenges. These challenges should not complicate relationships. You may try to get a new job, but you have to think twice about such offers. Mercury retrograde phase is ideal for a retrospect and rework. You have to be careful with existing deals and contracts as well. Long travels may come up, but there can be some challenges regarding that as well.

Rahu Ketu Transit is on March 07 2019, (Thursday)

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Mars will be triggering the matters like long travels, spirituality and higher studies. There can be long travels and projects with foreign collaborations. This is also a time for spiritual retreats and higher studies. Philosophical debates are also seen. Projects from media or mass communication also can come up.

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