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Extending in the realm of Scorpio, governed by the planetary lordship of Saturn, Anuradha nakshatra dictates the cosmic firmament with balance, honor and harmony. Striking a harmonious nexus with 'Vishakha nakshatra'; Anuradha derives its divine strength from Mitra - its ruling deity.

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Anuradha അനിഴം (Anizham) அனுஷம் (Anusam) అనురాధ (Anuradha) अनुराधा

Basic information about the Nakshatra

With its ability to strike balance amongst seemingly contradictory forces, Anuradha Nakshatra exhibits a fusion of sociability, joviality and energy in its general characteristics. The birth star stands unique in its propensity for creating channels of diversely varying communications.

Irrespective of age, sex, intelligence and social stature, the Nakshatra stands out in its ability to create grounds for harmonious interaction. Ability to read between the lines with an effectively sharp focus also counts amongst its general characteristics.

Anuradha nakshatra personality traits

Discern ability is an interesting personality trait of natives born under the influence of this birth star. Endowed with a sharply chiseled mental acumen, in addition to that of logic, they are easily able to gauge a situation in its exact reality. Seeing through the fakeness of a given situation is one of the leading facets of such natives' personality traits.

Despite their openness and sociability, they are extremely safe guarded about their privacy, offering only a selected few a share of their private domain. Bearing prominently stout body with amiable physical features, the natives of Anuradha Nakshatra are prone to having a well guarded and a secretive exterior.

Behavioral characteristics

With their intrinsic insistence on rationality, nothing motivates them more than reason. Thus different facets of their behavioral characteristics are chiefly guided by reason, logical deduction and an equally rational and independent thought processes. The different aspects of their social interaction revolve around the natives' innate belief in facts, figures, numbers and statistics. With their amiable, yet categorical ways, they turn out to be good leaders.

To co- habit the realms of material as well as spiritual with a focus on self development is another distinguishing aspect of their behavioral characteristic. Curiosity to explore new avenues and horizon, with a desire for expansion also counts amongst their rationally fine tuned behavior characteristics.

Positive traits

Besides their amiability, balance and logically appropriate self conduct, the other positive traits of Anuradha Nakshatra's native include leadership ability and outstanding ability to forge rapport and harmony. They are spontaneously efficient in bridging differences and animosity. Despite their consciously guarded exterior, sensitivity to people and situation also counts amongst their manifold positive traits.

Negative traits

Over emphasis on secrecy, frivolousness and unexpected mood swings include amongst such natives' negative traits. Many a native of Anuradha Nakshatra owing to certain kinds of planetary affliction may be prone to the negative traits of idleness, weakness and absence of purpose.

Career options for Anuradha nakshatra born people

With their thrust on logics and clarity of thought career opportunities revolving around Mathematics, Science and Engineering are suitable for them. With their penchant for travel they can do equally well in careers related to tourism and travel. Administrative job with an insistence on organizational skill can also suit similar natives.

Anuradha nakshatra compatibility and incompatibility

In spite, of apparent dissimilarities Anuradha nakshatra is most compatible to Vishaka nakshatra. Anuradha is also compatible to Jyeshta nakshatra as it symbolizes its masculine counterpart. Bharani and Anuradha Nakshatra are mutually non-compatible. It is also instinctively incompatible to Nakshatras symbolized by horse and lion such as Ashwini and Purva Bhadrapada.