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Ardra - the 6th of 27 nakshatras - characteristics, compatibility, personality etc...

Ardra nakshatra, is considered to be the 'goddess of forture' as per hindu astronomical beliefs. This star formation corresponds to the Betelgeuse star. It appears as a red big giant star in the night sky and is one of the brightest stars. This nakshatra is dominated by the Mithuna rashi.

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Ardra തിരുവാതിര (Thiruvathira) திருவாதிரை (Tiruvatirai) ఆర్ద్ర आद्रा

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Basic information about Ardra Birth Star

The basic meaning of Ardra is wet or charged with water. Ardra individuals are very much influenced by Rudra or Shiva. Shiva on one hand is placid and calm and is considerate towards the well being of the world, while on the other hand is also known as the destructor or the annihilator. He consumed all the poison thrown out as part of the 'Samudra manthan' and protected the whole world from it, and at the same time when he is angry his 'tandav' can bring annihilation of the whole world. Ardra nakshatra people are found to possess these characteristics in their core.

General characteristics of Ardra Nakshatra

The individuals of this nakshatra are believed to possess the characteristics of a child and thus undergo extremities of emotions like those of extreme happiness or utmost sadness. One of the important behavioral characteristics of such people is the transformation of emotion that the natives of this nakshatra undergo that may produce cognizance or a state of confusion.

These are the kind of people which like to analyze and investigate the causes behind a particular function that takes place. Some of the behavioral characteristics that make people of this nakshatra endearing is their empathy towards other and their helpful nature.

The probing nature of the natives is one of the most conspicuous and defining personality traits of the people of this category. This trait is observed even in children who manifest this nature quite clearly and vocally. They are hard working individuals who seek their goals with dedication and convert them to accomplishments. This particular personality trait makes them successful in their professional life.

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Their lives undergo many ups and downs and U turns, which means they have to face many challenges in their lives and they know how to deal with them. Some of their positive traits of such people are hard work, intelligence and innovation that help them to shape their lives and make the life of other people easier. They are skilled persons who can renovate old things and produce new things with their fertile thinking. Such positive traits make them strong and mentally stable and at the same time empathetic towards others.

The people of Ardra nakshatra are often found to be filled with some kind of sadness and a kind of impulsive mentality that count towards the negative traits of such people. They are cleaver and calculating and at the same time they can be stubborn and may exhibit violent temperament at times. These negative traits may not help them to make very close social bonds.

The people of Ardra nakshatra are endowed with capabilities to work well and achieve success in their professional lives. They are seekers of knowledge, and they continue to grasp knowledge from whichever source they can. They are not stable in their jobs and their career interest vary a lot. While in their work, they are totally determined and sincere to their jobs but often known to not enjoy sufficient appreciation or acknowledgement they deserve.

Career options for Ardra Nakshatra people

Their career interest lies in fields like transport industry, communication industry, financial broking firms, shipping industries etc.

Ardra nakshatra Compatibility and Incompatibility

Compatibility is very important factor while deciding long term relationships like marriages etc. Some of the compatible nakshatras for Ardra are Ashwini, Bharani and Krittika while the incompatible ones are Purva Phalguni and Magha.

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