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Ashlesha nakshatra embodying the energy of Mercury and strength of serpent God, Ashlesha happens to be the 9th nakshatra in the zodiac. Also known as 'Naga', and 'Clinging Star', Ashlesha nakshatra exudes substantial negativity, despite its forcefulness and power. Presenting itself in a constellation of five stars, Ashlesha nakshatra is located in close vicinity of the sun.

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Ashlesha ആയില്യം (Ayilyam) ஆயில்யம் (Ayilyam) ఆశ్లేష (Aslesa) आश्लेषा

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Basic information about Ashlesha Birth Star

With Naga being its guarding deity, Ashlesha nakshatra unfolds the common serpentine features like clinging, twining, coiling and embracing. Besides the lordship of Mercury, lunar aspects of Ketu also influence the nakshatra significantly. The lunar aspect contributes towards its general characteristics of craftiness, glutton and deceit. Besides deceitful and demonic attributes other general characteristics of Ashlesha nakshatra include darkness, danger and dishonesty.

General characteristics of Ashlesha Nakshatra

Natives born with Ashlesha nakshatra in ascendance, generally display cold ruthlessness, deceit and an aura of suspicion in their personality traits. Endowed with unattractive features and lack of pleasing appeal, they possess small eyes filled with suspicion. Used to cunningness and guile, one of their leading personality traits includes the use of guile for the sheer achievement of purpose. Reflecting negativity, cunningness and scheming ways, it is very difficult to tackle serpent like shrewdness dominating the personality traits of such natives.

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As far as their behavioral characteristics are concerned, they reflect utmost grace and polish in social interaction. In other words, they are skillfully adept in hiding their serpent like qualities for the purpose of greater social acceptability and recognition. Equally skilful are they in the use of flattery, so as to make themselves acceptable. They stop at nothing for the purpose of going up the social ladder. Displaying a note of calculated cautiousness, their behavioral characteristics are marked by anxious planning and skilful preparation. In the absence of genuine feelings and emotion, natives of Ashlesha are prone to deceiving and deception. With their intrinsic dishonesty and negativity, they are susceptible to creating an ambience marked by fear and suspicion.

Power of observation and intuition are two of their leading positive traits. They prove their mettle when it comes to overcoming a situation steeped in danger. Strategically oriented natives of Ashlesha nakshatra are also good at planning and cool calculation. Courage, leadership disposition and able handling of mental resources also count amongst their positive traits.

Negative traits of such natives relate to their merciless guile and use of tact. Insidious harmfulness, dependence on others and shamelessly plotting nature also count amongst their manifold negative traits. Besides the essentially negative traits of deception, dishonesty and falsehood; they also exhibit miserliness, selfishness, ungratefulness and total absence of benevolence. Owing to their acute suspicion they may be prone to bouts of depression, anxiety and schizophrenia.

Career Options for Ashlesha Nakshatra Born People

Using their guile and scheming ways, they excel in careers related to politics, filing law suits and business. They shape out well as lawyers, advocates, cunning politicians and business men. They also do well in careers related to entertainment industry and that of occult mysticism and astrology. With the planetary lordship of Mercury, natives of this Nakshatra are more liable to succeed in business than in profession.

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Ashlesha Nakshatra Compatibility and Incompatibility

Going by the norms of 'yoni kuta' or instinctive compatibility, Ashlesha Nakshatra is most compatible to Punarvasu nakshatra with former being symbolic of male cat and latter being that of female cat.

Consequently, both are non compatible to Magha and Purva Phalguni nakshatras. Cat's instinctive hostility to rats symbolizing the mentioned nakshatras account for Ashlesa's mutual non compatibility to Magha and Purvaphalguni birth stars.

Cat's instinctive affinity with hare, mongoose and monkey accounts for Ashlesha Nakshatra's compatibility with stars such as Anuradha, Shravana, Jyeshta, Purva Ashadha and Uttara Ashada.

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