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Ashwini nakshatra - all about the 1st of 27 nakshatras as per astrology

Ashwini nakshatra, which finds its location in the constellation known as Aries, is the 1st of 27 nakshatras and is characterized by a couple of shining stars.

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Ashwini അശ്വതി (Aswathi) அஸ்வினி (Aswini) అశ్విని (Ashwini) अश्विनी (Ashvini)

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Ashwini Nakshatra - Basic information

Signifying commencement or beginning, the constellation featuring Ashwini is symbolic of a horse’s head. Etymologically implying birth from a female horse, the symbolic significance of horse with regard to this nakshatra or birth star lies in its power, strength, vitality, courage and ability at swift action.

With ‘ketu’ or south lunar phase being its lord, Ashwini nakshatra reflects the dynamism of its planetary lord ‘ketu’.

General characteristics of Ashwini Star

With dynamism, initiative and action being the general characteristics of Ashwini nakshatra, the same characterize the personality traits of natives born under this nakshatra. As a matter of fact dynamism and power to initiate are the distinguishing personality traits of native born under the given birth star of Ashwini.

Marked by an element of swift spontaneity, natives guided by Ashwini generally prefer action and results to long drawn analysis and inaction. As far as their action oriented personality is concerned, they prefer direct mean of action; over something indirect, thought provoking and tactful.

Physical characteristics of natives born under the ascendance of Ashwini nakshatra include short stature, youthfulness and liveliness.

With 'Ashwini Kumaras' being the guarding deity of this star sign, a touch of charismatic sophistication and style are also to be traced amongst those born under the said star constellation.

Consequently, in their behavioral characteristics they waste little or no time in translating thoughts into constructive action. Immensely action and result oriented, they detest wasting time in brooding or thoughtful analysis. With swiftness lying at the core of their behavior the natives of the given nakshatra seem to be in a perennial state of hurry. In their external behavior they are marked by lively spontaneity, enthusiasm, intelligence and necessary jest for life.

Typical Ashwini nakshatra behavioral characteristics exhibit a trademark innocence, sportsmanship and childlike inclinations. Apart from being lavish in their style of life, they are also lavish in the show of courage and chivalry. Daringness and a willing abstinence from caution lie at the basis of their behavioral characteristics. They are daringly courageous in the pursuit of life’s challenging missions.

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In their courage, daringness and swiftness of action they display their positive traits. Action oriented nature and fast paced endeavor towards the realization of the life’s challenges are the other positive traits which distinguish the natives born under this sign. With their rapid translation of thoughts to action they also reflect a fair measure of intellectual agility and acute sharpness.

However with their intrinsic bent towards dynamism and fast paced action, they are prone to giving into the negative traits of rash impulsiveness. With their tendency towards exercising little or no caution they are more susceptible to unnecessary risks and blunders. Similarly their lack of contemplation and thoughtful analysis may create ways for snares of danger and uncalled for troubles. With their immensely vibrant nature, natives of this sign are less liable to long term endurance and wisdom. Revengefulness and stubbornness are the other negative traits of people born under the birth star of Ashwini.

Career options for Ashwini Nakshatra

As far as career options are concerned, people born under the guarding influence of Ashwini nakshatra generally excel as physicians, entrepreneurs and in areas of adventure sports. With their zeal for renovation and courage, they excel in careers involving heroic exploits. Career options including military or armed forces, law enforcements and athleticism are their favored avenues.

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Compatibility and incompatibility of Ashwini nakshatra

With each nakshatra being represented by an animal sign, it is generally held that animals inimical to one another contribute to the similar inimicality in nakshatra. Going by that logic, Hasta and Swati are incompatible to Ashwini nakshatra. On the other hand, natives born under Ashwini Nakshatra are most compatible to natives born under Shatabhisak nakshatra

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