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In the realm of Vedic astrology, Chitra nakshatra is looked upon as a solitary star. As a solitary star existing on the celestial firmament, Chitra nakshatra embodies and exemplifies the supreme craftsmanship of its governing deity Twashtar. Ruled by the planetary force of Mars, the singularly existent Chitra nakshatra extends from the zodiac of Virgo to that of Libra.

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Chitra ചിത്തിര  (Chithira) சித்திரை (Chittirai) చిత్త (Chitta) चित्रा

Basic information about Chitra

As a brightly shining singular star, Chitra nakshatra epitomizes the general characteristics of creation & its varying facets, depth, brilliance, aestheticism, prosperity, intuition, illusion and the subsequent desire to overcome the same. Synonymous to action and dynamism, Chitra nakshatra drives home the essence of heat, pressure and force- the necessary antecedents of creation. Its magical association with work and craftsmanship of the highest order contributes to making it one of the most dynamic birth stars.

The birth star also includes in its general characteristics a uniquely peculiar tendency to fuse materialistic and spiritual perception with that which is essentially illusory.

Personality traits

Guided by a conscious orientation towards art and aestheticism, natives of Chitra nakshatra insist more on external aspects of beauty. With personality traits bearing dignity and poise, natives of Chitra are more prone to glamour and visual palatability. Besides seeking superficially apparent delight and pleasure, need for harmony and applause even in respect of human relationships, are some of the other facets of their personality traits.

Even artistic and architectural brilliance of these natives are geared towards their intrinsic urge for apparent beauty and delight.

In their behavioral characteristics they are marked by an inherent tendency to create, show, beautify and project. Fascination for the essentially illusive world of glamour and beauty, alongside of a desire to surpass the same endows the natives of this nakshatra with an aura of complexity. Simultaneous presence of a spiritual perception results in the emergence of complexly multifunctional behavioral characteristics.

Aestheticism, deft craftsmanship and artistic acumen are the leading hallmarks of such natives. It is difficult to come across one without the possession of these assets.

Ability to create, build and beautify with an enhanced touch of aestheticism is one of their positive traits. Appreciation of intrinsic beauty along with the required ability to endow the same with an aura of polished glamour also counts amongst their positive traits. Endowed with a slender body their refined and attractive mannerisms are also appealing. Their power of intuition and ability to inhabit a mystical realm also count amongst their positive traits.

Excessive desire for beautification and admiration serve to make them artificial and sincere. Consequently, their intrinsic tendency to hide behind a veiling façade also counts amongst the negative traits. Preoccupation with the visual aspect of things contributes to the grossly negative traits of selfishness and indulgence. Consequently there is an aura of dichotomy or dubiousness in their nature. Self service rather than generosity is another of their negative character trait.

Career options for Chitra nakshatra born people

Career opportunities ranging from health and beautification down to fields related to mechanized perception of reality such as engineering are suitable for the natives of Chitra nakshatra. With regard to career opportunities based on gardening, horticulture, interior décor, glamour and hospitality industry they are worth proving their mettle.

Chitra Nakshatra Compatibility and Incompatibility

Chitra nakshatra, symbolic of feminine tiger is most compatible to its masculine counterpart Vishaka nakshatra. Taking into account the idea of 'Veda Dosha' or the principles of mutual obstruction, Chitra nakshatra happens to be incompatible to Mrigashira and Dhanista nakshatras. Keeping in mind tigers' inimicality with cow, both Uttara Phalguni and Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatras are incompatible to Chitra nakshatra. Likewise, considering buffaloes' instinctive affinity with tiger, both Swati and its feminine counterpart Hasta nakshatras are compatible to Chitra.