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Deriving its divine power from the 'eight Vasus'; its presiding deities, Dhanishta nakshatra also referred to as Shravishta nakshatra happens to be the 23rd birth star, to sparkle in the cosmic firmament. Guided by the planetary force of Mars, Dhanishta stands for symphony, prosperity and adaptability.

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Dhanistha (Shravishta) അവിട്ടം (Avittam) அவிட்டம் ధనిష్ఠ धनिष्ठा (श्रविष्ठा )

Basic information about Dhanishta Birth Star

The general characteristics of Dhanishta nakshatra are derives its potency from the eight deities or 'Vasus' governing it. Thus the nakshatra combines and epitomizes the general characteristics of the respective Vasus. Ruled by Apah, Dhruva, Dhara, Anila, Anala, Pratyusa, Pravasha and Soma; the nakshatra stands for ability in music dance, confidence, stability, dependability, hard work, energy, exceptional sharpness, commercial skills and benevolence. The dolphin like constellation endowed with the mystical ‘Khyapayitri shakti’, bestows upon its native fame, success and prosperity in abundance.

General characteristics of Dhanishta Nakshatra

Exhibiting a wide variety in its personality traits, natives of Shravasthi nakshatra are well known for their sociability and adaptability. With their captivating smile and endearing ways, they are exceptionally fine tuned in striking a comfort zone with the given surrounding. Manifesting vivacity, confidence and constancy of purpose, personality traits of such natives are geared to luxury and good life. Being one of the most vibrant nakshatras the natives born with Dhanishta in ascendance are equally charitable and wise.

Behavioral characteristics

With its instinctive sociability and expressive ways, behavioral characteristics of such natives are oriented towards group centric activities. In spite of being motivated by a constancy of purpose, natives born under the influence of Dhanishta Nakshatra are extremely adjustable or adaptable to changing needs of the environment. Marked by sharpness, generosity and frank joviality, the natives are usually outgoing and luxury prone in their behavioral characteristics.

Positive traits

Positive traits geared to warmly vibrant mannerisms, frankness and easy adaptability characterize the natives born with Dhanishta in ascendance. Ability to shine in lines related to performing arts such as music and dance also counts amongst their multi dimensional positive traits. Striking a bond of geniality and harmony with the immediate surroundings is a uniquely laudable trait of these natives. Revealing the positive facets of hopefulness, joy and sympathy; natives of the mentioned nakshatra are given to much success and achievements.

Dhanishta Nakshatra Compatibility and Incompatibility

Their charmingly sociable mannerisms may prove to be a curse for them on account of their easy susceptibility to the influences of society. Being spurred on by negatives, they may manifest subsequent negativity in their behavioral traits. Apart from their easy susceptibility to influence, the other negative traits include aggression, talkativeness, materialistic ways, covetousness, lust for success and susceptibility to select incompatible life partners.

Career Options for Dhanishta Nakshatra Born People

Besides doing fine in careers related to performing arts, natives of Dhanishta nakshatra can curve exceptional niche in managerial positions and ones catering to group activities. Thus career opportunities based on management and entrepreneurship are also suitable for them. They are found to be equally prosperous in medical profession; particularly in specialized branch of surgery. Equally successful they may turn out to be in career opportunities revolving around military bands, real estate and scientific research.

Compatibility and non compatibility

Going by the norms of Veda Dosha or principles of stellar obstruction; Mrigashirsha and Chitra are incompatible to Dhanishta nakshatra. Keeping in mind the concept of instinctive compatibility or ‘yoni kuta’, Dhanishta nakshatra is most compatible to Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra represented by a masculine lion. Taking into account elephants’ phallic incompatibility to lion; both the birth stars represented by elephant ie., Bharani & Revati are non compatible to Dhanishta nakshatra. Likewise following lions’ neutrality with monkey, and mongoose- the stars such as Shravana, Purvashadha, Uttarashada, may be partially compatible to it.