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Existent in the zodiac of Scorpio, Jyeshtha nakshatra epitomizes the quintessence divinity of Indra-its governing deity. Implying the meaning of 'the eldest one'; Jyeshtha nakshatra reflecting the planetary force of Mars and Mercury happens to be the 18th nakshatra in the celestial horizon.

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Jyeshta തൃക്കേട്ട (Triketta) கேட்டை (Kettai) జ్యేష్ట (Jyesta) ज्येष्ठा

Basic information about Jyeshta Birth Star

Reflecting the glorious attributes of its ruling deity- Indra, Jyeshtha nakshatra is marked by the general characteristics of material richness, splendor and achievement. Upholding the protective facet of Indra, Jyestha nakshatra's general characteristics of traditionalism, kindness and insistence on philanthropic deeds are its leading asset. Jyestha culminates the second series of nakshatra beginning with that of Magha.

General characteristics of Jyeshta Nakshatra

Commanding respectfulness of people around, natives of Jyeshtha nakshatra are particularly conscious of creating and living up to an image. With personality traits revolving around material accomplishments, they are marked by emotional and intellectual alertness. Usually curios by nature, the penetrative glance of their deeply set eyes is distinguishing and noticeable.

Nature geared to benevolence and philanthropy, instinctive yearnings to protect the underprivileged and needy are the distinguishing facets of their personality traits. Motivated by high ambitions, the natives of Jyeshtha reach out to the same with determination and hard work.

Behavioral characteristics

Marked by an explicit openness in their behavioral characteristics, secrecy or mystery is completely alien to his nature. Generally rash and impulsive, a typical native of Jyestha nakshatra is generally unreceptive to the advice of others. Hot tempered and obstinate to some extent, natives of Jyeshtha nakshatra emphasize values and principles in their behavioral characteristics.

In spite of being value oriented, they are prone to messing up situations on account of their hot headedness. Vulnerable to the show of anger, arrogance and mood swings, theirs is essentially a soft nature bent on charity and kindness.

Positive traits

Apart from being hard working and result oriented, their major positive traits include generosity, responsibility and self reliance. Always willing to shoulder responsibility and position, they go all out to provide supportive protection to the weak and unsheltered. With their emotional vibrancy and sensitivity, they turn out to be good lovers.

Their outstanding capability of achieving fame and goodwill also counts amongst the important positive traits of natives born under Jyeshtha nakshatra.

Negative traits

Vulnerability to temper and egotism counts amongst their leading negative traits. Hot headedness and instinctive desire to dominate people make them unduly authoritative and dictatorial. Obstinacy, excess inclination towards materialism and unwillingness to compromise are also to be included in the list of negative traits.

With possessiveness, their positive virtue of protectiveness often changes over to something grossly negative.

Career Options for Jyeshta Nakshatra Born People

Career opportunities based on military skill, those centering on managerial skill are suitable for natives born with Jyeshtha nakshatra in their ascendance. They can be equally efficient in careers related to investigation, protection of law and order. Self employment based on entrepreneurship is also suitable for them.

Jyeshta Nakshatra Compatibility and Incompatibility

Going by the basic rule of “Veda Dosha” of nakshatra obstruction, Jyeshtha and Ashwini nakshatra are mutually incompatible to one another. But on the other hand, in keeping with the norms of “yoni kuta”, Jyestha nakshatra bears instinctive compatibility to Anuradha nakshatra.