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Krittika nakshatra characteristics and personality, compatibility of people born under this star

The celestial presence of Krittika nakshatra is marked by a cluster of seven stars, also known as Pleadius. With God of fire or 'agni', being its ruling deity, Krittika is supposed to be the source of energy and power.

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Krittika കാർത്തിക (Karthika) கார்த்திகை (Karthikai) కృత్తిక (Kritika) कृत्तिका

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Krittika nakshatra characteristics

Krittika which in Sanskrit also means 'critical' endows its natives with the characteristics of enquiry and ability to detect minute causes of imperfection. This penetrating ability to discern and detect are the leading Krittika nakshatra characteristics. Any imperfection that stands in the way of success comes under the characteristic scanner of people born under Krittika nakshatra.

Guided by the planetary lord Mars and the guarding deity of Fire, Krittika Nakshatra is more prone to reflecting the dominating influence of 'Agni'. Cosmic location of Krittika nakshatra also accounts for its innate characteristic of transcending the realm of physical energy.

Krittika Nakshatra - Personality traits

Personality traits of natives born under the birth star of Krittika include enhanced insistence on perfection and that of fine sense of discern ability. Generally intolerant towards imperfections and shortcomings natives of this nakshatra imbibes in their personality traits blunt straightforwardness.

With 'Agni' as their ruling deity, they display the glowing energy and fiery bluntness. This fiery element is also reflected in their extremes of temper when provoked. Their rage or anger is generally short lived and non revengeful in essence. On account of the Nakshatra's cosmic placement, natives governed by Krittika Nakshatra are liable to spiritual transformation with an eye on purification and need for severing physical bonds.

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In their behavioral characteristics, natives born under the guarding influence of Krittika nakshatra generally display a blend of sternness and affection, with their stern external camouflaging their innately feminine characteristics of warmth, care and protection. Essentially caring and protective by nature, they exude a lot of warmth and vibrancy in their social interactions. With their sharply intimidating behavioral characteristics they are good at putting an end to different forms of nuisance. People seek refuge and protection in their intimidating strength and support. They display exceptional ability in arguments backed up by logic and reason.

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Positive traits of people born under Krittika Nakshatra include honesty, frankness and innate ability to elicit faith and respect of people around. Their protective ability, independence and fiery determination and insistence on protection are some of their other positive traits. They are extremely hard working and effort centric.

Their uninhibited frankness and tendency towards fault finding rank amongst their leading negative traits. At times they become socially unpopular and center of negative criticism on account of their bluntness. Their external display of anger and lack of diplomacy also count amongst their negative traits. Sometimes they are unable to attune themselves to the changing needs of time.

Career Options for Krittika Nakshatra Born People

Natives of Krittika nakshatra prosper as administrators, leaders and lawyers. It is astrologically accepted that natives of Krittika nakshatra excel in career opportunities away from their home land. Though business based on partnership can never be his cup of tea, he/she can excel in business related to yarn, artistic goods and medicines. They also excel in careers pertaining to medicine, engineering and draftsmanship.

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Krittika Nakshatra Compatibility and Incompatibility

Symbolizing the yoni of a female sheep, Krittika nakshatra is instinctively compatible with its male counterpart influencing Pushya nakshatra. The nakshatras, Chitra, Vishaka, Dhanistha and Purva Bhadrapada are considered incompatible in respect of Krittika nakshatra on grounds of the underlying incompatibility in terms of their creative source or 'yoni'. It is worth noting that sheep symbolic of Krittika nakshatra is essentially hostile to tiger and lion symbolizing the list of incompatible nakshatras.

Based on the similar principle male and female buffaloes enshrined by Swati and Hasta nakshatras are compatible with Krittika.

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