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Derivative of the Sanskrit word "Pushti" which also means nourishment; Pushya nakshatra exists in the cosmic firmament as a collection of three stars. Marked by an absence of brightness; the constellation of Pushya nakshatra was said to be similar to a cow's udder.

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Pushya പൂയം (Pooyam) பூசம் (Poosam) పుష్యమి (Pushyami) पुष्य

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Basic information about Pushya Birth Star

Ruled by the planetary force of Saturn and divine force of Jupiter, Pushya nakshatra's general characteristics relate to yielding, caring and nurturing. The qualities of prosperity, auspiciousness and kindness also come under its purview. On account of its general characteristics of generosity, protection, expansion and helpfulness; Pushya is one of the most lovable nakshatras.

General characteristics of Pushya Nakshatra

Personality traits of natives born under the nourishing influence of Pushya nakshatra include energized zeal to expand, care and protect. With most of their activities centering on the domain of this material world, natives born under the birth star of Pushya are zealously protective of their family, society or community to which they belong. The intrinsic qualities of care, protection and kindness which dominate the personality traits of this nakshatra goad the natives to look beyond themselves and address issues pertaining to a bigger forum of society and community.

In spite, of being socially vibrant the saturnine conservatism guiding these natives, endow them with the required balance, courtesy and poise. Characterized by plump features, natives of Pushya nakshatra are usually fond of good food and living.

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In their behavioral characteristics, they display an aura of balanced calmness and patience. With their strong regard for the roots, natives of Pushya nakshatra are seldom found to be indecent, vulgar and non ethical. They are found working towards their goal with patience, perseverance and concentration. When it comes to the question of helping others, they are seldom found to be loud and outrageous. Their manner of handling is one of calm respectfulness and hospitality. Their behavioral characteristics exhibit a touch of maternal instincts in addition to that of priestly virtues.

Kind benevolence, philanthropy and humanitarian approach apart from cool and collected mannerisms are their leading positive traits. As an antidote to destruction and violence, their inherent qualities of creation and expansion also add to their positive traits. With their qualities to create, build and expand; together with that of intrinsic regard for their roots, they serve as excellent family members. Peacefulness, religious and caring attributes also count among their positive traits.

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Despite their essential positivism, some of the minor negative traits include orthodoxy, narrow-mindedness and possessiveness. Natives of Pushya nakshatra with their protective mannerism may turn out to be fiercely possessive. Likewise their essential conservatism and discipline may contribute to the negative traits of orthodoxy, prejudice and narrow minded ness.

At times natives of this nakshatra may possess dogmatic headstrongness and tendency towards fundamentalism.

Career Options for Pushya Nakshatra Born People

With the interplay of knowledge, method and concentration, they excel in careers related to counseling, public administration, planning and research. They also make good priests or clergies. Careers related to geology, development of land and its various forms are also appealing to the natives of Pushya nakshatra. Thus they are equally successful as aquatic biologists, land or agricultural merchants.

Capitalizing on their qualities to build, create and expand they can shape out as excellent philosophers, religious leaders, teachers and professors.

Pushya nakshatra Compatibility and Incompatibility

With male sheep being its primary phallic symbol, Pushya nakshatra is most compatible with Krittika nakshatra- its feminine counterpart. With sheep's essential compatibility to buffalo; Hasta and Swati are compatible to Pushya Nakshatra. The sheep's friendly relation to female and male buffalo contributes to the mentioned compatibility. However, birth stars such as Chitra, Dhanistha, Vishaka and Purva Bhadrapada are non compatible to Pushya nakshatra.

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